Three new Alice centric necklaces.

The top one is very much inspired by her MTP outfit.

The second is more true to the original story. It’s delicate and I love it.

The last one is Chessure centric with more of the movie tones to it. I love the ceramic tea cup and felt he needed to be paired with it. All on a delicate chain as well.

I love dressing up old jewelry.

You can find current jewelry listing on My Etsy Store!

Thank you for the amazing feedback and for sharing my page! :)


Wonderland clock earrings and March Hare necklace which I will be keeping because I LOVE it. However, I am working on two more as well as a custom third MarchMouse themed one. So if you contacted me about one, you’ll be the first to know about the new ones.

Chessure with a bit of Chessally. Since I have a few of the Chess charms I will be making either a pair of earrings or two more necklaces.

Last, Dormouse necklace!

Figuring out pricing is kinda daunting. But I plan to keep them reasonable.

Coming soon, March Hare earrings! Bead Caterpillar earrings! Tweedle earrings! MORE YELLING!

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop me a line. :)