Judgement Day: What's Up With All The Eye References This Series? (Don't Blink)

I’ve touched upon this idea in a few other theories, but I think after Time Heist and The Caretaker it’s time for this theory to take wings…so to speak.

Ever since Moffat’s era began there have been a lot of eyes about the place and they connected back to the cracks in time. The Time Of The Doctor revealing the cracks having been the Time Lords observing the entire time, trying to make contact, now beginning of Series 8 there have been eyes everywhere. Almost like the entire universe has turned its gaze to The Doctor’s search for Gallifrey.

Back, very long ago now, I made this observation about the Weeping Angels, eyes and justice in Series 7:

Lady Justice, or the Goddess Themis, is the personification of justice, and she is often portrayed blindfolded:




Since the 15th century, Lady Justice has often been depicted wearing a blindfold. The blindfold represents objectivity, in that justice is or should be meted out objectively, without fear or favour, regardless of identity, money, power, or weakness; blind justice and impartiality.

I think it might be a nod to the fact The Doctor will come to be judged in many ways, perhaps leading up to his regeneration.

For example, remember the resounding shot of the Weeping Angel after she sends Amy back in time?:


My immediate thought was of Lady Justice. Specifically because the Weeping Angels appear to be blind! I think there is something coming for The Doctor, and maybe the Weeping Angels are harbingers of this message, like in a capacity of their namesakes.


The eyes symbolise not only judgment, but observing and watching The Doctor’s every move. Because not all eyes turned upon The Doctor are blind. Not everyone in the universe weighs the judgement upon The Doctor’s actions equally.

I think The Doctor is going to be called for judgement again. Whether it is by the Time Lords, or any of the secondary forces who would feel need to pass a harsh punishment; someone is trying to send a dark message to The Doctor that he’s being called for judgement, I’m certain of it.

So, here cometh judgement day, and it belongs to the Twelfth Doctor, it always has.

And it will be done, in my opinion, with very little, or without, mercy, attempting to take away just about everything The Doctor holds dear right now. There is a price for Gallifrey’s potential return and someone already bears the burden for it. The person who knows the Doctor best and will be forced to judge his actions fairly, without the total faith and trust they’ve always had in him.

Clara Oswald.

Why? Because she is the only one who can pass fair judgement on him, because she’s always been there. Clara was deliberately placed to be “Born To Save The Doctor” because she needed to be the the one to pass final judgement on his actions.

From the moment we first encounter Clara in Asylum Of The Daleks, peering out of the eye-stalk of The Dalek, she’s been watching The Doctor.


In the past few episodes Clara has had:

Deep Breath: Her eyes studied.


Into The Dalek: Her shirt covered with eyes.


Robot Of Sherwood: A third eye via her diadem.


Listen: The Doctor comments that she’s all eyes.


Time Heist: "Could you trust someone if they looked back at you out of your own eyes?"


(This is another tricky one, but this scene:
THE DOCTOR:Clara! It’s locked on to you. It may be still asleep, don’t wake it.
CLARA: Okay. How do I not do that?
THE DOCTOR: Keep your mind blank. Block everything. Once it locks.

Did this give anyone Blink flashbacks?)

The Caretaker:


So, what is up with Ms Oswald and her eyes? Well, something else to take notes on is that wings are also a frequent accessory:


Now, before we get to any rash comments of ‘What is the crazy theorist getting at now?’ Let’s remind ourselves of Clara’s name:

“Oswin” Oswald means: “God’s friend God rule.

God’s friend? Angels. That’s all. It’s been there the whole time. Clara’s connected to the Weeping Angels. (It could also explain what happened to all her echoes who don’t exist anymore…but did…confusing much?)

I’d also like to take this opportunity to bring in our auspicious friend, Danny Pink. (The “Bit Of” A Lady Killer)

Danny, which is a derivative of Daniel, means: God is my judge God has judged, or God is judge.

Danny’s real name is Rupert Pink.

In American the meaning of the name Rupert is: Bright fame. German Meaning: The name Rupert is a German baby name. In German the meaning of the name Rupert is: Famed; bright; shining

But hang on, Clara also means: bright, shining, famous…oh my…



So, what is really going on with the happy couple? In my opinion, a bit of a Michael vs Lucifer reference. I believe Danny is cause for “God Is My Judge” because of two possibilities (possibly connected to each other.):

  1. He’s the Master or The Valeyard.
  2. He’s working for the Black Guardian or another opposing force.

So, what would someone working for the opposing force try to do? Convert the champion of the other side to his way of thinking, bring them from one side of the board to the other, having his way without a fair trial for The Doctor.


Ding ding, the giant chess board.

And Clara wearing black and white in The Caretaker, because doesn’t know which side to take. Danny and Clara are two sides of the same coin, that’s why they were attracted to one another. (I have to stress Danny might be like Vislor Turlough, he might not know The Black Guardian is using him…or about to.)

Adding some weight to this theory, is the following spoiler below, from the apply named Death In Heaven finale episode:





Danny has been spotted in Cyberman armour and:


Clara’s Victorian Echo’s grave and Weeping Angels have also been spotted on the set.

So, we’ve seen Missy at the head of a Cybermen Army, does this mean we’re going to see an opposing force of Weeping Angels? What a game of chess!




There’s also something else, something that could explain the eyes and the stone connection to Twelve:


Let’s go back to Pompeii.

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Speculation: Danny Pink Is Not To Be Trusted

(Spoilers ahead…and possibly Potential Spoilers)

I’ve had my qualms about Mr Pink even before he made his debut, somehow his character profile and name were triggering to me, there seemed to be a connection there to someone very undesirable.

After Danny’s first few appearances there were some issues, but certainly not enough to raise many alarm bells, at least not loud ones, but this last episode, The Caretaker, seems to be setting off the Cloister Bell pretty loudly, at least for me.

Now, what was it that could be such a trigger that it began to germinate that Danny Pink isn’t to be trusted? Something so simple, the repeated “I’m a Maths teacher.” line.

I’m talking about the insistence of The Doctor that Danny is a P.E teacher, not a Maths teacher, and Danny constantly correcting him. The Doctor isn’t impressed, as he says to Clara, he likes Maths.

Why am nitpicking this? Remember me having this theory here (x) about The Doctors of Modern Who running parallel to their Classic Who counterparts? (Nine is like One, Ten is like Two, Eleven is like Three, Twelve appears to be a lot like Four etc.)

Well, I’m starting to think another Time Lord runs the exact same parallels to his Classic Who counterpart, the one who Moffat has denied is coming back, The Master:


(Robert Delgado/John Simm) Suave, authoritarian.


(Still the Robert Delgado incarnation/John Simm) Degraded madness.

So that’s quite a parallel, how about the third Classic Who Doctor?


Why it’s delightful Anthony Ainley! Now, what was his first full episode as The Master? Strike me pink, (and yes, that’s a deliberate pun,) it was Logopolis, (also the final episode for Four…<whistles noncommittally>,) which is the name of the planet featured, home to the best mathematicians in the universe:


The Logopolitans are able to model reality by pure mathematics and whatever they calculate can take physical form.

(Note: What has The Doctor been up to? Scribbling out calculations, probably to find Gallifrey!)

Since block transfer computations cannot be calculated by machines or computers, the Logopolitans speak aloud a line of calculations and pass the results on.


Maths teacher, huh?

It gets better, guess what that mischievous old Master gets up to on Logopolis? Turning the inhabitants into doll-like figures via the TCE, that’s what:


And Rupert Pink’s plastic army?


Speaking of the TCE (Tissue Compression Eliminator), Ainley’s Master was the first incarnation to use it exclusively, and what else does he do with it in Logopolis:


Shrinks the TARDIS…what is also going to be showing up in Series 8:


A shrunken TARDIS! What a coincidence.

(There are a lot of connections to Logopolis in this series, I recommend watching/re-watching the episode, I think The Doctor has been making calculations a la the Logopolitans’ method to try and locate Gallifrey!)

I feel so stupid that I didn’t make this connection before. If someone is setting up The Doctor in a game of chess (did you see the giant chessboard in The Caretaker?


I wonder about Clara’s black and white ensemble, is she going to have to make a choice, I think that’s pretty obvious now…)  there’s someone who represents the exact opposite of The Doctor, and hence the red/black side of the board in this game, and that is The Master!

And The Master has been easily influenced by surrounding forces before, the Time Lords controlled him his whole life via a repetitive drum beat, who to say whomever Missy and her cohorts aren’t using him? And he might even be planning a double cross, it isn’t beyond The Master.

I mean, in the behind the scenes of Death In Heaven





Danny’s wearing half a Cyberman armour and chatting to The Doctor in the graveyard:


Who’s to say this isn’t a scene, as in Logopolis, when The Doctor is forced/blackmailed to join forces with The Master in order to achieve a joint goal, in this case, locating Gallifrey?

And as for Orson Pink, remember The Doctor mumbling that he thought he would be the last man at the end of the universe in Listen? Who is to say Orson isn’t Danny i.e The Master or another Time Lord, which is why he’s lasted so long?

If he isn’t The Master, there’s an awful lot of sarcasm and divisiveness in Danny’s manner when it comes to The Doctor, right from the get go. There’s deceptiveness and something in Danny’s tone when he talks to Clara that made my skin crawl at the end of The Caretaker:

Danny: If he ever pushes you too far, then I want you to tell me, because I know what that’s like. You’ll tell me if that happens, yeah?

Clara: Yeah, it’s a deal.

Danny: No. It’s a promise.

Clara: OK. I promise.

Danny: If you break that promise, Clara, we’re finished.

Clara: Don’t say that.

Danny: I am saying it because if you if you don’t tell me the truth, I can’t help you, and I could never stand not being able to help you. Are we clear?

Clara: Yes. We’re clear.

I know Danny could just be scared, but is that a way to talk to someone you claim to love…or who rather claims to love you? I don’t like it. It almost seems deliberate and calculating, foreshadowing and very grim.

There’s a few more things from The Caretaker I noticed that could be connected to Danny not being all he claims to be, and why I think whatever he’s involved in could be targeting Clara.

I’ll put them below the cut if you wish to read on.

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