It’s not a phase, Mom
A playlist for the skeleton of the 7th grader locked away in the deepest parts of our psyche banging on the closest walls trying to get out.

Pretty Handsome Awkward x The Used // First Date x Blink 182 // I’m Not Okay x My Chemical Romance // Boulevard of Broken Dreams x Green Day // Nine in the Afternoon x Panic! At The Disco // Bring Me to Life x Evanescence // Sugar, We’re Going Down x Fall Out Boy // Mr Brightside x The Killers // Say Anything x Marianas Trench // Ignorance x Paramore // The Rock Show x Blink 182 // Teenagers x My Chemical Romance // Savior x Rise Against // Cute Without the “E” x Taking Back Sunday // Face Down x The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus // Thnks fr th Mmrs x Fall Out Boy // High Schools Never Ends x Bowling for Soup // That’s What You Get x Paramore // Numb x Linkin Park // Dear Maria, Count Me In x All Time Low // Welcome to My Life x Simple Plan // Wake Me Up When September Ends x Green Day // I Write Sins Not Tragedies x Panic! At The Disco // Say It Ain’t So x Weezer // Dirty Little Secret x The All American Rejects // Check Yes Juliet x We The Kings // The Anthem x Good Charlotte // The Kill (Bury Me) x Thirty Seconds to Mars // MakeDamnSure x Taking Back Sunday // Ocean Avenue x Yellowcard // [Hidden Track]

Note: If Dan Howell ever finds this I’ll bury myself alive in my backyard
{listen here}

a compilation of jongdae’s lines & adlibs on the exodus album. enjoy!

(0:30) CALL ME BABY (叫我)
(1:00) TRANSFORMER (變形女)
(1:48) 兩個視線, 一個視線 (What If..)
(2:47) MY ANSWER (我的答案)
(4:28) EXODUS (逃脫)
(5:30) EL DORADO (黃金國)
(6:55) PLAYBOY (壞男孩)
(7:35) HURT (傷害)
(8:38) 流星雨 (Lady Luck)
(9:56) BEAUTIFUL (美)

So proud of Dan and Phil!!!

And my MCM is Francisco Lachowski. (*☻-☻*)

EXO when you walk in on them watching porn

usagi-strike said: Hello! Came across all your awesome, hilarious blogs today! Would you mind if I requested something? EXO’s reaction: you come in on them in their room watching some VERY questionable erotica, and their excuse is…?


Suho: Ok so what happened was…IT’S ALL BAEKHYUN’S FAULT

Baekhyun: First of all, I’m offended by Suho’s false claim. And second of all, it was just a commercial. (Lying his ass off)

Chanyeol: *thinking* Oh sh*t I’m caught

So um, I don’t suppose you could just forget about what you just saw?

Chen: *denies it at all costs*

Y/N: Were you just watching porn?

D.O: Hey! Get out of here!

Kai: *Acts all innocent and prays you forget about it*

Kris: Don’t look at me

Lay: Hold on, I have a valid reason

Everyone: Ok, then let’s hear it

Lay: A man has needs alright?!

Luhan: I was just practicing, wanna see?

Xiumin: Oh come on! You couldn’t have walked in in like an hour?!

Tao: *embarrassed*

Sehun: *stares at you until you leave*

Maybe one day I will be able to afford Yves Saint Laurent clothing…