Keeper of Keys

She was hidden behind the piles of books that rested over her table, the young girl secluding herself in the farthest corner of the library. Traces of her pink hair showed but would only be noticed once given a second look. Otherwise, it was as if she wasn’t there. But that was what she went for. 

Sakura wasn’t reading this time. She was writing. But it was nothing like the notes she’d transfer, or the research papers she’d outline before formally working on it. She was focused on a scrunched up piece of paper, and her pen didn’t seem to stop moving. Her brows were furrowed and she looked deep in thought. Her breathing was becoming noticeable too. Had it been any quieter, one would have almost heard the rough scratches and crumbling of the paper against the tip of the pen, as well. 

Sakura bit her lip as hard as she could before it bled, the pen trembling against her fingers. She didn’t stop, however. There were a few pauses but her speed was consistent—-to the point it would have been almost assumed she wasn’t writing legitimate words at all. 

It would have been an absolute pain to have anything beyond her and her beloved scrap of paper disrupt her concentration.

Writer URL/nickname: @ExposedMangoes

Character name: Haruno Sakura

Canon character? (Y/N?): Y

Character age: 18

Character occupation: College Sophomore in Nursing; Part-time Medical Assistant at the local clinic.

A short paragraph (6-8 sentences, max) to describe your character:

Haruno Sakura was a few levels ahead of her former classmates during her formal education as a student. Deciding to spend most of her time burying herself in books, she didn’t have a lot of friends. She can give the impression of being quiet and reserved in school, but the complete opposite when she gets home where she thinks she can truly be herself. 

Graduating a year early from high school, Sakura moved out to concentrate on her studies and started her life in college, pursuing her dreams of being an accomplished neonatal nurse. She decided this was her supposed place in society.

It wasn’t enough that she studied with books. She also decided to apply as a part-time medical assistant at the local clinic. It was a rewarding career in her eyes. She had an undeniable fondness for children and infants alike. But in return, it costed her most of what life should have had offered her if she hadn’t taken this path.

She is found easily stressed over her work, preferring peaceful places where she would not be disturbed—-in other words, her room.