On With The Show

Stevie Nicks is the earnest and effusive heart of the band. Look, a 66-year-old just can’t whirl about the stage in a transported frenzy, no matter how close a contact she maintains with the spirits of the netherworld – it’s an inner-ear thing. So Stevie’s witchy gesticulations are subtler now, maybe a little hesitant, definitely more deliberate, yet still plenty captivating once she donned an appropriately-colored shawl for “Gold Dust Woman.” Most importantly, she’s not ashamed to gush, praising both the crowd and Christine: “We are all the dreamcatchers, and we got our dream girl back!”

Rolling Stone, Oct. 1, 2014.

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Since the Where We Are Tour is starting to end, I wanted to appriciate one of the best solo’s from Louis William Tomlinson some extra again


Lucian Bee’s ROMANXIA WORLD TOUR 2010 in Yokohama

Kaji Yuki’s 2nd confessional session!

Kaji Yuki: I will never forget. That you’re always looking towards me and cheering me on. I, thank you. As well I love you. Romanxia, giving me this chance to be on this stage. For your sake, I will sing for you. I want you to see. I love you more than any one else. (kiss)