Imagine Erik and Charles putting on a movie night for the kids and everyone is gathered in the Rec room. All the kids are huddled together giggling, eating popcorn, eyes glued to the screen. Meanwhile, Charles is perched on Erik’s lap, their hands intertwined, and Erik is leaving butterfly kisses on Charles neck when he isn’t paying attention.

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please tell me ur gonna continue that amazing bookstore au, I SCREAMED at the end!!



Three days after he closed the door and turned out the lights in his bookshop for the very last time, Charles woke with his fever and cough considerably worse than they had been the night before. All he wanted in the world was to sleep, and maybe drink, and try to forget that his life was in shambles. The very last person he wanted to see was Erik Lehnsherr of Helmet Books.

So of course that was exactly who turned up at his door.

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Erik/Charles Canon-verse Recs

Here are canon-verse cherik fics I’ve read recently. :D


Hide and Seek - ClearlyOdd (PG |Pre-slash |Fluff |Mansion!fic |Training}
Erik can’t find anyone, no one else can find Charles, and telepaths have an unfair advantage at hide and seek.

A Place to Rest - ClearlyOdd (PG |Pre-Slash |Protective!Erik |Recruiting}
“Don’t fall asleep.” Erik warned Charles.

“’m not going to fall asleep.” Charles replied in a way that could only be labeled as petulant. “I am simply… relaxing.”

Falling Is Like This - madneto (NC-17 |Canon!AU: No Divorce |Bond |Hurt/Comfort |Mansion!fic |Nightmares |Telepathy)
What might have happened if Erik and Charles had actually acted on their feelings for one another.

Pale Blue Eyes - sutoribenda (PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Fluff |Dancing)
Charles doesn’t want anyone to make a big deal out of his birthday, but Raven insists and everyone in the mansion seems to be enjoying themselves with the celebrations. And if Erik is acting a little warmer than usual, well, Charles isn’t complaining.

Balance - scalphunter (PG |Cerebro |Mansion!fic |Pining |UST)
Charles leans into Erik’s touch. He’s tired; it’s been a long day and he’s sleepy.

Training Sessions - fanfoolishness (LoonyLupin) (R |Mansion!fic |First time |Pining |Telepathy |Training |Mindfuck |Bottom!Erik)
Charles finds training Erik — and dealing with the other man’s growing feelings — to be a worthy challenge.

Nevermore - amarriageoftrueminds (PG |Jealous!Raven |Mansion!fic |Voyeurism |Missing Scene |Sexual Tension)
[Missing scene] This is what should have happened after Raven and Charles’ contretemps in the kitchen.
Freezing - amarriageoftrueminds (PG |GEN |Recruiting |Telepathy |Trust Issues)
imagine Charles and Erik recruiting a new mutant and them being all like, ‘woah you’re a telepath!? cool man! well feel free to rummage around in my head, I won’t stop ya - gotta be true to your mutant self, right??’

And Charles being really touched by this and going ‘really? gosh… you know, you’re the only person who’s ever said that to me!’

-and Erik and Raven just freeze.

Pretend Games - ClearlyOdd (PG |GEN |Charles’ Unhappy Childhood)
There are only so many lies Charles can tell himself.

Up Here, My Dear - Jessi0129 (PG |Mansion!fic |Charles’ Unhappy Childhood)
This house for him holds cloudy memories, but maybe one day looking back on his life, the memory of this night on top of it’s roof under the sky, won’t be so starless.

detours - whenwherewhat (Unforgotten) (NC-17 |Recruiting |Car!sex |PWP)
It’s raining, it’s pouring, and Charles and Erik might just be a tiny bit lost, so they pull off the road to wait for the rain to die down. While they’re there, they may as well entertain themselves somehow…

Are You Really Listening - helens78 (NC-17 |PWP |Telepathy |Recruiting |Pining)
Charles did promise not to read Erik’s mind, but it’s awfully hard when Erik’s thinking so many very loud, lewd thoughts at him.

could i have been blinder? (the friendship is thicker than blood remix) - pocky_slash (PG |Recruiting |GEN |Pining |UST)
More than anything, Charles just wants Erik to be his friend.

bedlam of sleep - glorious_spoon (R |Recruiting |Charles’ Unhappy Childhood |Hurt!Charles |Hurt/Comfort |Nightmares)
Erik is used to nightmares, but this one is not his.
Magneto’s Cat - Unforgotten (PG |Post-DOFP |Fluff |Old dudes in love)
Magneto gets a cat, for some reason.

Crush - scalphunter (PG-13 |Post-DOFP)
Peter, after moving into the Xavier Mansion, develops a crush on Alex (who’s returned with a gang to the school after Vietnam) because the guy is ten years older than him, capable and just awesome.

Raven thinks it’s sweet, Erik is quietly approving, and Charles worries because he knows what happens when happy-go-lucky boys get crushes on mysterious and vulnerable soldier boys from broken homes.

You’re My Only Home (The Letting Go Remix) - listerinezero (PG |Post-DOFP |Old dudes in love |GEN |Domestic)
Four times Ororo hugged Erik and one time Erik hugged Ororo.

Setting the Date - Unforgotten (PG |Future-fic |Post-DOFP |Marriage Proposal |Old dudes in love |Sequel)
There are plenty of things from their alternate future Charles and Erik would never want…but there’s at least one thing they can look forward to.

Public Displays of Affection - launt (PG |Post-DOFP |Future!fic |Old dudes in love)
“Even though they are still madly in love and married, Erik still tries his damnedest to impress Charles, while the rest of the world wishes they could tone down the PDA, they are setting the bar way too high for grand romantic gestures. (Not everyone can build their lover a giant metal statue in three days or get the UN to hand a country over to them.)”

A Less-than-Subtle Knife - Red (PG |GEN |Time travel |Canon!AU |DOFP)
Blink and Shadowcat have a good thing going with this weekly save-the-universe gig. It’s just that some universes are a little more… interesting… than others. AKA: the HDM crossover I was putting off for four years, and blame DOFP.
The Cure for a Headache - ClearlyOdd (NC-17 |Canon!AU: No Divorce |PWP |Headache |Cerebro)
Erik finds that Charles has a curiously sensitive scalp, which leads to activities of a less innocent nature than just a massage.

November Man - keire_ke (PG-13 |Canon!AU |Amnesia |Brainwashed!Charles |WINTER SOLDIER AU)
Mystique spent much of 1972 in Vietnam, enjoying only such news from the States as came in the papers. She is therefore rather surprised to see her estranged brother in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by both Viet Cong and Soviets, with his finger on the trigger of a gun.

An Open Door - oxymora (oxymoron)  (NC-17 |Canon!AU: DIfferent Meeting |Pining)
In which Charles is a priest, Erik is a Nazi hunter, the two of them are childhood friends and each thinks that the other should change his job.

Sprachfimmel - Cylin (NC-17 |Canon!AU |PWP)
Clearly Erik and Charles know a variety of languages and either one of them gets turned on when hearing the other speaking a different language. Dirty talk in German anyone?

Alone No More - MacandLacy  (PG |GEN |Canon!AU)
Erik and Charles each thought that they were alone. When they meet as children and discover otherwise, it changes their lives. Set before and during World War II.

Carry You Home - misura (PG |Crossover: Captain America |Canon!AU |GEN)
They find the kid in the middle of a room that makes Bucky want to wipe this whole building off the face of the earth (which happily happens to be the plan anyway).

Dear Charles - Magnolie  (PG |Canon!AU |Fluff |Pining)
Charles finds a letter Erik had not meant from him to read.

Still Excited - Unforgotten (PG-13 |Old dudes in love |Future-fic)
Charles and Erik got married two years ago, but Charles is still excited

The Sexiest Organ Is The Brain - helens78  (NC-17 |PWP |Telepathy)
Erik thinks Charles has been holding out on him

By my Side - MacandLacy (PG-13 |Post-XMFC |Fix-it |Protective!Erik)
Erik comes back for Charles, three weeks after the events of Cuba.

Fighting Fit - jemisard (PG-13 |Post-XMFC |BAMF!Charles |Erik comes back |Erik finds out |Fix-it)
Summary: Charles fights people about his disability every day. Except the odd occasion when he doesn’t.

For Those Who Wake - melo (PG |Post-XMFC |Angst |UST)
Charles is asleep and there are things Erik can’t tell him any other way.

Dismantle the Sun - madcap_allie (R |Post-XMFC |Govt vs Mutants |Captive!Charles |Kidnapping |Hurt!Charles)
Post beach-divorce fix-it, presented as a sequel to Inevitable Things. Everyone was hurt in the events leading to the break-up on the beach, but Charles Xavier has always pushed forward, no matter the odds or personal cost. Now he’s setting up his school and doing all he can to guide and protect the young mutants under his care, while privately struggling to come to terms with his injury and the loss of his lover and best friend. Alone in a world that has proven more hostile than he imagined, how can he keep his sense of hope?

rest your head (on this heart of mine) - pearl_o (PG-13 |Post-XMFC |Govt vs Mutants |Captive!Erik and Charles |Kidnapping)
Erik is shaking his head even as Charles speaks. “I told you, Charles, they’re watching us. I’m not going to perform for them.”

Survival - Lefaym (PG-13 |Post-X3 |Old dudes in love |Angst)
After everything, Erik still survives

Imagine Erik losing a bet with Charles and during training has to wear a pink lace thong. It’s all fun and games until Charles is turned on and unable to focus he is so horny every time he looks at Erik. Erik knows this and takes every advantage during training to bend over and torment the frustrated telepath.

Charles/Erik - Ambulance Angel

TitleAmbulance Angel

Author: kageillusionz (AO3)

Rating: PG

Fandom: XMFC

Word Count: ~4.7k

Warnings: modern AU

Summary: Erik Lehnsherr, senior paramedic, and winner of the Sexiest London Paramedic Award for three years in a row, has an epiphany as he speeds towards Royal London Hospital. An epiphany that may or may not concern Doctor Charles Xavier M.D and emergency consultant at the Royal London Hospital.