this girl crush between cheryl and rihanna will never be as important as a 9-year chim friendship <3 enough said!

these cherihanna > chim things are really annoying me.

they obviously have a girl crush on each other, and fangirling,
but that doesn’t make up for a long friendship between cheryl and kimberley.
how can they be “better”? you can’t rate friendships or relationships on how good they look together.
even though chim might never had any sexual contact, they’re just so cute in how they interact and look at each other.
and when they had (which I believe in :D) and then we probably won’t ever know about it anyway.
they know each other for years, they’ve gone through a lot, so how can this make up for a fun night partying with rihanna?
and all of these people telling everyone how much they loved chim are now posting all these cherihanna things, telling how much “better” they are.
have you ever looked at kimberley properly? rihanna is nothing special beneath kimba :) rihanna’s just the usual pretty type, but kimberley is stunning!
I don’t get it. you don’t have to follow every trend?! they’ll be forgotten in a few weeks, but chim lasted for years and will continue.
rihanna isn’t even living in the uk, there’s no chance for them to see each other often.
so stop making up cherihanna stories! best thing to happen is that they record a song together and that’s it.

i shouldn’t even care, but it’s all over tumblr and twitter and I’m quite annoyed already.
oh, and I’m staying team chim :D <3