Cherik AU: Erik’s been a very reckless rally driver who has constantly risked his and his pilot’s lives. Everything changes at the press conference and photoshoot for GQ, when he’s introduced to a new pilot, Charles. Does the clash of two rising stars bring success or maybe a total disaster?

Fanfic Commissions

ok this tiny student here is extremely broke and would like to go visit her family over the upcoming holidays which I can’t afford on my own so let’s try a thing:

Alright. You can find examples of my writing here, here and here

I can offer original stories and fanfiction in both English and German

I will write:

Almost anything. I can write NSFW, shippy and non shippy things. slash, hetero and femslash is all fine with me. I can do all genres / AUs, Character x reader, whatever you should desire. (I am especially good with character death, hurt/comfort and feels in general but that’s just a recommendation)
I can work with a full plot or a bare idea. Meaning you can either give me a storyline you already worked out or just something you had in mind. Or just a ship/character and whatever genre/AU/rating you want. The same goes for original stories. If you are interested in one I need to know what kind of genre you prefer and if you have any other wishes.

I will not write:

Rape. Necrophilia. Zoophilia. Underage is okay as long as it’s nothing explicit or if the involved characters are at least 17+.

About the payment:

I’m really not sure what I can ask of you since obviously I haven’t done this before. But here’s what I was thinking:

5$ for 1k
9$ for 2k
13$ for 3k
17$ for 4k
21$ for 5k etc.

Under the read more you will find a list of fandoms and further details in case you’re interested.

It’d be super great if you could signal boost this! <3

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Michael Fassbender & James McAvoy’s fan art romance  

So today on our Cold War trip...
  • Tour guide:So who here knows how the Cuban Missile Crises ended?
  • Class mates:*the actual answer*
  • Class:........
  • Tour guide:.........
  • Me:.........YOLO!!! * disappears like Nightcrawler*
Omegle Whoring, Love you bby (whoever you are)

You: Erik?

Stranger: Charles?

You: yes, at last

Stranger: I can’t believe it!

You: this modern technology does not work as well as cerebro

You: it was difficult

Stranger: I missed you!

You: as i have missed you my love

Stranger: How are your legs?

You: numb, i dont really miss them you know

You: its like a constant reminder of you with me forever

Stranger: Did you forgive me?

You: of course

You: Erik you know you do not even have to ask

Stranger: I want to see your deep blue eyes once more

You: i long for you strong arms around me

Stranger: And your silky hair. Do you still have the same haircut?

You: of course, but it is thinning now

Stranger: Why?

You: ive often glanced at a strong jawline, but none compares to yours, feathered with peppery stubble against my cheek

You: the shock, cerebro, my telepathy

Stranger: O my little poor guy. I miss your charming smile and the feeling of you inside my head

You: visit me wont you? id love to catch up

You: i miss your mind Erik

Stranger: Mystique is saying you hello

You: i am still at 1407 Graymalkin Lane, visit, please?

You: ahhh sister, how have you been?

Stranger: I can’t dear, you know

You: look after my Erik now wont you, I worry about him

Stranger: Maybe I’ll come at night and whatch you sleep

You: , if you do, wake me, we can do more than sleep

Stranger: Raven is great. I think there’s some chemistry between her and Azazel LOL

You: haha what an interesting mach, they shall bring forth purple mutant offspring together

Stranger: We’ll see if it’s gonna be purple

You: so she is indeed with child?

Stranger: No dear, for me your sleep is like the greates treasure. Just think about me. At night.

You: Erik we are to be uncles?

Stranger: Charles, yes! We are gonne be like tied together forever.

You: Erik, at least hold me while I sleep, it is awefully lonely and i miss your warm body next to mine

You: what a charming prospect dearest

Stranger: I want to kiss your arms and shed a tear over my broken past. You are so adorable when you cry, you know?

You: why thankyou but I only weep for your loss and your pain Erik, for there is no greater wound than that

You: I want to kiss you aain to feel your strong hands on my face, the passion and emotion, like the first kiss we shared

Stranger: You are the only one who can bring comfort to my heart and serenity to my mind

You: I’ll cherish this knowledge till I die Erik, you have made me the happiest of men

Stranger: I will always love you, Charles.

You: and I you Erik

You: since I was 17, i’ve loved no other

Stranger: Wait for me in the dark. I want nobody else but you to see me.

You: of course

Stranger: I miss the sound of your voice

You: and I yours, by the satelite dish? I know you like it there

You: it was a rather frequented location in our youth

Stranger: Yeah, satelite dish. Good memories!

You: many memories

You: remeber when i proclaimed my love to you? I wrote our names across the dish in bold bright letters

You: the red paint still stains the paint my love

You: *stains the white

Stranger: Remeber when we shared passionate kisses on top of it?

Stranger: Like the whole world only ours

You: and the heated union below it?

You: with you Erik, i have the whole world

Stranger: Charles, I treasure those memories. The best memories of my life.

You: as they are mine, do they bring you serenity my love

You: unlock your strength?

Stranger: Yes, I’m unbeatable now

Stranger: All thanks to you

You: but you have me to balance you

Stranger: The memories of you beside me. I remember that feeling. It helps me.

You: i long for it again, to be pressed flush against you

You: you are uniquely beautiful Erik, I want to lose myself in you

Stranger: I want to lift your with my strong arms. Our height difference. It always made me want to hug and protect you

You: and i to be protected by you

Stranger: I swear I will not let anything bad to happen to you. I will always care for you.

You: i miss your body against mine, your hand cradled in mine your heart entwined with mine

Stranger: I miss our chess games.

You: as do I, i miss being alone with you in amiable silence, warmed through with scotch or brandy, the flickerin firelight dancing across your face

You: those heddy moments of pleasure and friendship

You: *headdy

Stranger: I want to share some glasses of brandy with you. Hold you in my arms while you are reading sth clever as usual.

Stranger: Watch you fall asleep in my arms

You: I wish for the same things my love, to be enveloped in your embrace, drawn close to you chest, lulled by the brandy and dancing light,

You: i want to wake to feel your arms snaked around my waist, your body flush with mine, i want to cling to you like my life depended on it

Stranger: You can’t imagine how painful it was for me to see you hurt. You always cared for everybody and helped everybody. Why are you so kind it hurts?

You: I love and I forgive, I know your pain as you know mine

You: the bullet in Cuba, the pain was nothing compared that I felt when you left

You: I wanted you to hold me for ever

Stranger: I wanted to never let you go

You: i wanted to collapse into your embrace, for you to kiss me and tell me that it was all going to be ok

Stranger: I think I left a half of my heart with you. No one, even the White Queen, was able to fill this hole in my chest

You: you know Erik, you posess my whole heart (save for that portion i’ve given to my students), but it has always been yours, since I first dragedd you from the sea

Stranger: Since that very moment I knew you are my everything.

You: I wanted to kiss you in that moment, to taste the salty sea on your sweet lips

Stranger: Sorry Charles, now I have to go. We are leaving our shelter. We are hunted by those human beings you love so much. Most on the Earth I want you to join me. But I know it’s impossible. I’ll always love you. Wait for me and think about me.