what is this and why am i tearing?

found this on twitter. it said this is an old post on weibo’s translation from the mama era.

i really did not know about nini, chanyeol and yixing. 

this explains chanyeol’s squinting eyes in many fantaken pictures. i feel so bad. my poor poor baek and soo T_T

This morning I was watching my videos and… Wow…. This video is exo m.. Juste them…. Their voices , their rap their dance (I know it’s a cover) …everything is magic,huh? I know some of them left but I’ll never forget this video…. Love you guys… Love U Wu YiFan Love U LuHan Love U Kim MinSeok Love U Zhang YiXing Love U Kim JongDae Love U Huang ZiTao Love U Exo-M Love U Exo

SM: Let’s go make another group with twelve hot as fuck members, eight koreans and four chinese,. We’ll name them EXO and make fans love them too much because of their dorkiness and cuteness. let’s then not take care of the chinese members so they untimely leave one by one leaving fans crying, depressed and very broken


This is gold.

jongdae seeing you in your wedding dress would be the worst because he wouldn’t even be able to keep his face serious he’d keep on grinning, looking at you then avoiding your eyes - incredibly bashful, incredibly nervous (with anticipation ofc) - he’d be so caught up on how beautiful you look and how you’re almost going to be his soon that he’d miss out on the priest asking for him to take his wedding vows “do you take ___ as your lawfully wedded…” and he’d just be too busy staring at you, fucking giggling in his mind and everyone is waiting for him to say something and the priest would repeat and he’d finally notice your eyebrows furrowing and you slightly pulling away and “yes yes yes of course i would!” he’d scream finally paying attention

REQUEST EXO REACTION when you cry because your kitty/pet died


He would let you cry as much as you want, because he knows that after it you’ll feel better. But he would make sure that you know that he is right there for you. Always. Holding you close, he’d give you a peck on top of your head every now and then, softly whispering: I love you. I’m here.


He’d try to lift your mood and forget about it for a while. So he grabs his guitar and plays some silly songs that both of you start to dance to. As soon as he sees you laughing again his heart skips a beat. Feeling proud that he is the one to make you feel better.


Chen is someone who skinships alot to comfort people around him. Be it a pat on the shoulder of one of his bandmates or in your case, cuddling you till you can’t breath. It may be playful but little actions like that make you feel in peace.


After you’d calm down he’d suggest to talk about the good memories you shared with your cat. You showed him pictures and told him amusing stories which led both, you and D.O to laugh out loud. Seeing you this happy again was all he wanted.


Just imagining a world without his dogs was crushing him and so his heart broke as he thought how you must feel. So he wanted to make you laugh. No matter what. Days later you guys met with Taemin and the boys were fooling around as always. “Look (y/n) if you miss your cat you can simply crawl Taemins chin like that. It’s almost the same!”. And finally, that was the first time you laughed.


He’d be truly sad and concerned. He knew how much your kitty meant to you and how much your world just crushed into pieces. But with a simple hug you notice how you calm down as you feel his heart beat so close to you.


His face would fell the moment you told him the news. That little fluffy ball he played with everytime he visited you home was simply gone. But he knew that your emotions were way stronger than his so he pulled himself together and stayed strong for you so you have a shoulder to cry on.


The second he sees tears rolling down your cheeks, he’d come running towards you. Slinging his arms around your body, holding you tight. He would tell you soothing words and rub your back, not daring to ask what happend because he is too afrait that more tears will fall down your face.


He’d be pretty down all day. Knowing that you’re sitting at home and crying your eyes out, he wouldn’t be able to fully concentrate. Half-heartly he’d do his photoshoot while he things of ways to make you feel better when he comes back home.


Leader Suho knows what to do. He always has the right words espacially in hard times. He’d give you advices on how to cope with this situation the best and tells you how much he understands you and hugs you alot, so you can calm down.


As soon as he hears your unstable voice he has to fight his tears so he won’t start to cry too. Your emotions have a huge effect on him, whether they are happy or sad. So this situation is particular hard for him. Both of you just cling to each other, not saying a word.


Xiumin would lay both of you on the bed since this is your favourite kind of conversation. Talking about anything to get things off of your mind. Sharing a kiss every once in a while.