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I was at the #tlpsg concert today. AND GUESS WHO HELD HANDS WHEN THEY PERFORMED MY LADY. LIKE THE PART WHEN THEY WERE DANCING IN FRONT OF THE HUGE ASS MIRRORS.  IN PREVIOUS CONCERTS THEIR HANDS ONLY TOUCHED BUT THEY H E L D HANDS THIS TIME. Like sehun didn’t want to let go i think. I AM 85% SURE IT’S TAOHUN THO. Because i was focusing on taohun the whole time then. Didn’t take photos cos it was at the main stage and the screens weren’t focusing on them :-( but guys, there you have it, taohun. Also, sehun went to find/run to tao when they were performing gee. So yeah. 

In case you’re wondering how the concert was… IT WAS AMAZING. LIKE HELLA AMAZING. From the solo stages to the lightings to the group perfomances. Sobs I can finally die happy. I really hope all of you are able to experience it once in your lives too :-) 

OH YEAH baekhyun and kai did the als ice bucket challenge on stage HAHAHAHHAHA sehun was so ever ready to dump that bucket of water on baek HAHAHHAHAHA

EXO’s reaction to bumping into you in the halls

For xiugasm <3

Xiumin: “Sorry, I wasn’t careful. Are you okay?”

Luhan: “Excuse yo-… oh why hello there.” 

Kris: *gets flustered* “Oh crap what should I do? Is she ok? Oh my god what have I done?”

Suho: “I am done for. I have made a fool out of myself. She’ll never look at me again.” 

Lay: “I-I’m so sorry….” *bows at you forever*

Baekhyun: *puts on cute act* “Please forgive me.”

Chen: *too busy admiring to even help*

Chanyeol: *waddles over to help you*


Tao: *flees the scene to avoid embarrassment*

Kai: “Are you ok? That wasn’t me btw, he did it…” *blames it on someone else*

Sehun: “She’s so cute omfg.” *stands and fanboys on the inside* “oH IM SORRY LET ME HELP YOU UP.”


All Versions Comparison Part 4

Even geniuses have their weaknesses

PART   1    2    3   5

because of chanyeol’s ig update, i really want to know the daily life of exo in their dorm. Not those scripted shits that they showed in happy camp. I want to see them in their NATURAL STATE. Like with no make-up, sleeping like no one cares, etc. When will exo enter that stage in variety shows? Like one member will wake up in the middle of the night just to reveal who sleeps like this, etc.

Exo Reactions To You Growling At Them During Sexy Time

Is sexy time our official term on my blog? Because I really like it xo

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Baekhyun: *you startle him but he likes it*

Chanyeol: *doesn’t acknowledge it but goes a little harder when he hears you*

Chen: *too busy having sex to notice*

D.O.: *deeply pleased but acts embarrassed*

Kai: *takes it as a roleplaying cue*

Kris: *laughs because he expected you to make sounds*

Lay: *arousal level reaches maximum capaticy*

Luhan: *thinks to himself* “This bitch is crazy. Just smile, maybe she won’t do it again.”

Sehun: “Am I responsible for that? Yes, yes I am.”

Suho: “Did you just…”

Tao: *dares you to do it again, to which he responds by going faster*

Xiumin: “Okay, now I want to hear you scream.”

If you have a request for a reaction, feel free to let me know. xo

imagine being in a relationship with yixing and he writes and sings to you cheesy love songs about how ‘pretty and perfect you are’ and then five years down the road he still sings to you but they’re about 'how you forgot to buy the pancake mix so he’s going make waffles instead’ and you’re just sitting on the kitchen counter giggling to yourself because he’s doing some weird little dance to the song he just made and he looks really dumb but there really isn’t another person who makes you as happy as he does