Watch the video ‘Food Babe’ Calls Subway’s Bread ‘Dangerous’ on Yahoo Good Morning America. The activist blogger is blowing the whistle on the major sandwich food chain.

o.o all these year I been eating that! I mean really bread is bread people.

Everyone knows you can’t go by what you see in commercials. Subway is so weird worrying about how their bread look. Oh well glad that they finally remove it the side effect not worth it.

Today I learn something new about chemicals and breads,

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tuesday depends when my dad gets home but like after 4:30 or so

pyromanicnytemair said: on tuesday im stuck til like 4 unless my mom wants to go grocery shopping or something in which case i cant do the thing

sethuuu said: itd have to be after school oh no aer has things on tuesdays

chemrical said: sounds like saturday would work if we could get a different ride

maybe 5ish on tuesday?

another option, 5ish on sunday?