21 October 2014, 10:30PM

Last Monday, we started our first ever module in Data Analysis, which is Fundamentals of Multivariate Data Analysis. In the beginning of the class, our professor asked who among us have background in Chemometrics. Chemometrics? Whut? Sounds like a dance group to me. :)) That is just how clueless I am of the topic. Fortunately, it wasn’t just me.

Chemometrics, as what I have learned for the past two days, involves transforming data into useful ones (latent variables) and trying to make sense out of these latent variables. Clear? No? It’s okay. I’m still not sure either. Haha! I included this module in my study plan because (1) we are required to have at least 5 modules from Data Analysis and (2) I think the concepts would be useful for my research master thesis. I really don’t know what I signed up for, but I’m pretty sure this would be challenging.

For our first exercise, we were asked to explore the functionality of this software called Sirius. I haven’t heard of this software before. All I know is Sirius is a star. Lol. It was easy to follow the instructions in the tutorial, but to understand the logic behind each step isn’t really intuitive. What do these plots try to tell you? How do you know which variables are important? Can you produce something significant out of these data? The questions seem endless.

Above is the screenshot of what I have been trying to finish for hours. And yes, I am Skype-ing with my brother while doing this. Haha. I don’t know if my answers are correct. I tried my best. It may not be totally clear as of now, but someday, these would all make sense. At least I’m learning something new. :D

21 October 2014, 11:30PM