Greenhouse Chemo?..well tis the season I suppose..dark greenhouse buds with a woodsy feel..not much aroma here, nor taste..but she’s packing quite a punch..semi-solid stone that sticks around..this “does the job” bud gets a worthy mention.

More Info: Seedfinder (UBC Chemo) / Vancouver Seed Bank (Chemo)

/day recap.

Smoked some of the besttt kush thats been in my area for a while, finally. Went to stephs Smoked more. Ate Bistro’s and chicken burgers. Played Halo 3 with my dealer, he was actually surprised how good i was(asshole). Went to work, FIRSTT SHIFT ALONE AND I CLOSED SEAFOOD DEPARTMENT ALONE. Wasnt bad, i got to oooggle the cute boys that work in produce. Tomorrow, finally off, AND PAY DAY AND MY FIRST MARIANAS TRENCH CONCERT, OMF GUISE IM ACTUALLY SO EXCITED FOR TOMORROW LAJDFASLJFLOEFJ.