• It the 13th today and I only have 9 days left in China (中国)! Why are you going so fast? I still need to buy three gifts then go shopping for myself!
  • I just had the most incredible sleep I have ever had this year, I woke up stretching like a cat and I felt so refreshed!! I even had a dream!! I haven’t remember any of my dreams lately and I did this time and guess who was in it? Chelsea!
  • My workouts have been getting harder and much more challenging and I like it a lot because I’m still progressing and pushing myself forward instead of falling back.
  • Once I’m done with this post, I’ll be doing my workout, getting a quick breakfast and having a nice, hot shower, then getting ready for the picnic.
  • We have a free day today and tomorrow. Today, we are having a picnic at the Sun Island (太阳岛) and then at night, we are going to a nightclub~ can’t wait to go dancing!
  • I had the best shower ever last night! After being deprived of a hot shower for two days, I enjoyed every bit of water that came into contact with my skin.
  • I have taken a ton of pictures here, over 400!!! Facebook is going to be spammed when I’m back with lots of parts.
My Fitness Goals...

After watching Chelsea’s stages of competing in the NPC, I really wanted to do a fitness competition. I would dream what it would be like and if I would want to continue doing that. Now I have been watching Valerie’s stages and it got me thinking.

Yes I would love to do a competition one day but I don’t think the time will be in the next two years. Competing in the fitness, figure, bikini competition isn’t for everyone but it is a dream for me to do just one. I want to live life to its fullest and do things I know I won’t have time to do in the next ten years.

So my goal for now is to be the best version of me in every aspect of my life. I want to be stronger, fitter and healthier than yesterday. When I am ready and know that I have reached where I want to be then I’ll consider taking part in a fitness competition.

I’m happy with the decision I have made. As we grow older and learn more about ourselves, our goals change and we change.

It was weird! I was shocked that you were in it! I was in someone’s house looking at their bookshelf and your name was on a lot of the books. You had written fitness books about your journey and such.

I told everyone in the room that I knew you personally but no one believed me. I’m not sure what happened after that but I woke up smiling. It must have been one good dream!

I’m so sorry for the lack of posts this week, I just got my protein powder in the post and I’ll put up a post about my workouts this weekend. I just have one more Chinese test tomorrow and I’m all yours!

I have my fashion show debut on Saturday, so expect a lot of pictures of me. I wish I had Chelsea here to show me some of her poses! :)