Confession #965

“Gambit and Sabretooth have had this one ongoing aspect of their ‘relationship’: Sabretooth is always trying to kill someone and Gambit’s always trying to save them. Thus, I found it hilarious in Astonishing X-men #62 when Mystique took the kittens that Sabretooth was going to eat and gave them to Gambit to look after.”


When They Really Are After You by Chellerbelle

Title: When They Really Are After You

Author: Chellerbelle

Summary: Gambit has a bounty on his head and Rogue is on a mission to keep him alive.

Rate: M

Fanfiction ID: 10500596

Universe: Wolverine & the X-Men

Pairing(s): Rogue and Gambit

Status: Word in progress, 6 chapters so far

Word Count: 24,524

Updates: Every Tuesday

Content/Notes: AN: Just a little something I’ve been writing on the side while working on The Air That I Breathe. This story takes place well after the events of Wolverine and the X-Men. If you’ve read the released scripts for the first 8 episodes of season 2, this story also comes after them, but is not directly inspired by them as I was writing this before the scripts were released. (If you’re interested in reading the scripts, you can find them on the “1 Million to save WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN” Facebook page, in their photo albums).

I recommend this because reasons. First the author, you can’t read a Chellerbelle’s fic and not enjoy. Second the universe where the story is developed, there are really few in that universe so when I find one I read it immediately, third we have Deadpool in this fic (first time for Chellerbelle writing him), fourth the story per se is hilarious, easy to read and enjoyable. And if you are concerned start reading because is a WIP you don’t have to worry, Chellerbelle always finish all her stories, always.

Give it a try and tell her with a review what do you think.

Confession #944

“I’m tired of hearing people say things like "Rogue’s weak now that she doesn’t have Ms Marvel’s power any more and is dependant on borrowing her friends’ powers.” Rogue was trained by Mystique, has a tactical mind, and can kick butt with no powers at all. When she borrows her friends’ powers she’s merely giving herself a strategic advantage. What do you think she’s going to do if her friends ever reject her request? Curl up in the corner and cry like a baby? Puh-lease.“


Confession #1096

“I find myself becoming increasingly uncomfortable with calling Laura Kinney "X-23”. “X-23” was the designation assigned to her by those who sought to create a weapon and intended to rob and deny her of everything that made her human. “Laura” was the name given to her by the only person who actually cared for her and who tried to nurture her humanity as best she could. “X-23” is a slave name, and I think that as long as people keep calling Laura that, she’ll never be truly free.“


Confession #1454

“Magneto is an engineering and computing genius. He singlehandledly built, designed, and programmed a fully-functioning space station (Asteroid M) and a robot with AI (Nanny), amongst other things. Being able to manipulate metal might be able to help him build these things, but it doesn’t make him good at maths. I don’t think enough people appreciate this.”


Confession #470

“When I bagged and boarded my copy of Astonishing X-Men #51, I deliberately put it in back to front. No offense to Northstar and Kyle, but Rogue and Gambit were on the back cover. More to the point, they were sitting next to each other and Gambit’s arm was around Rogue! You have no idea how over-excited I am about this :)”


Confession #1067

“I like Regan "Lady Mastermind” Wyngard and Martinique “Mastermind” Jason. And I like how they bicker with each other. I also like that Regan calls herself “Lady”. Yeah, I realise they only did that to differentiate her from her sister (who inherited the name from their father), but to me the use of the title makes her sounds classy. And in making herself sound classy, she also sounds like she’s having a go at her sister “Regan’s classy and Martinique’s trashy” hehehe.“


Confession #732

“The only two stories I can recall seeing Gambit and the Thing in at the same time are Wolverine #53 and A+X #6. In both of them they play poker. Granted in Wolverine #53 it was only one scene (and Wolverine ended up in debt to Gambit for $5000), and there might have been some crossover event I never read, but still. I find it both highly amusing and a great relief/change of pace that Remy and Ben are more likely to engage each other with cards than fists.”


Confession #458

“I love Bella Donna Boudreaux. i think she’s a deliciously complex character and it makes me sad that she usually only gets used to cause drama with Gambit and Rogue. I also find it rather frustrating that a lot of my fellow Rogue/Gambit shippers vilify her ‘cause she loves Gambit. Bella Donna is not a villain because she loves Gambit. She’s a villain because she’s an Assassin who leads a Guild of Assassins and isn’t beneath doing a little human trafficking on the side. Priorities people!”


Confession #725

“Uncanny X-Men #350 in two words: Bad Fanfic. It had Character Fail (Rogue and Psylocke), Continuity Fail and Plot Holes (Tommy lead the Marauders into the sewer, Malice was neither involved nor in possession of Lorna’s body at the time, Scaleface was killed by police not Marauders, Prism was a Marauder, Bella Donna "died” well after the Massacre happened), and some minor Character Bashing (Gambit, ‘cause the new X-Men writer wanted to get rid of him). The only thing we’re missing is the Mary Sue"