thru Oct 26:

Barry McGee

Cheim & Read Gallery, 547 W25th St., NYC

McGee’s work critiques consumerist culture and the constant backdrop of commercialism in everyday interactions; rejecting the billboard and chain store, McGee instead finds inspiration in the seeming randomness of graffiti, the endless uploading of images on the internet, and the creative styling of misfits. McGee’s work succeeds in its sensitive balance between anarchy and collaboration, resulting in environments which immerse the viewer in his singular, yet inclusive, vision.


Which of these things are not like the others? 

I saw some painting today in Chelsea. And sculpture that looks like painting and mixed-media work that looks like painting but isn’t, though it comments on it. Can you tell which is which?

From top: Leon Kossoff at Mitchell-Innes & Nash; Sean Scully at Cheim & Read; Richard Serra at Gagosian;  Rosemarie Trockel at Barbara Gladstone; Jaime Davidovich at Churner & Churner, and two Christian Marclays at Paula Cooper. 


Opens tonight, Sept 11, 6-8p:

Dust Paintings
 Jenny Holzer

Cheim & Read Gallery, 547 W25th St., NYC

Language has been Holzer’s primary medium since the late 1970s. Placed on electronic signs or stone benches, Holzer’s text investigates how ideas are transformed from argument or opinion into fact. While her work has a conceptual base, she involves her viewer through what’s intensely physical. The documents painted most recently trace the political fallout and human wreckage in the global war on terror. The content of her new work is traced, transferred, and each letter and its surround are carefully hand-painted and re-painted. Holzer’s process echoes and amplifies traditional Arabic calligraphy–ghubar–which translates, literally, as “dust writing.” - thru Oct 25


From the Art21 Instagram feed: Recent works by Art21 featured artists currently on view in Chelsea.

TOP: Do-Ho Suh, Specimen Series: 348 West 22nd Street, APT. New York, NY 10011, USA - Stove, detail, 2013. On view at Lehmann Maupin (26th Street).

SECOND AND THIRD ROWS: David Altmejd, The Flux and The Puddle, details, 2014. On view at Andrea Rosen Gallery.

FOURTH ROW: Lynda Benglis, untitled works, 2013. On view at Cheim and Read.

Recently Opened:

suspicious of rooms without music or atmosphere
 McDermott and McGough

Cheim & Read Gallery, 547 W25th St., NYC

David McDermott and Peter McGough’s photo-realist paintings juxtapose carefully selected movie scenes in which a decisive moment is central. The paintings are generally composed of two separate “images” from different movies, one black-and-white and one color, allowing for new and alternate readings of existing narratives. Rendered on a two-dimensional surface, the scene’s original context is frozen, its meaning repositioned. While the female protagonist is often a recognizable actress (Elizabeth Taylor, Lana Turner, Lauren Bacall, etc.), McDermott and McGough deny the importance of this factor – they look instead for expressions which convey emotional impact. thru Feb 23