The signs as Steven universe Memes
  • Aries:This is who we are *shadow the hedgehog voice* THIS IS WHO I AM
  • Taurus:Garnet rolling out of the car
  • Gemini:lapis did nothing wrong
  • Cancer:Which way to the baby war
  • Virgo:Bird mom
  • Libra:that picture of pearl in a clown costume with pie on her face crying
  • Scorpio:Relatablepicturesof blogs
  • Sagittarius:Steven's pun face
  • Capricorn:peridot is a dorite
  • Aquarius:Uncle grandpa episode
  • Pisces:Crocodile Amethyst
Jasper Redemption Arc?

Okay, I honestly feel like Jasper could go either way if/when she makes her return to the show. I’m down for whichever, as long as it doesn’t feel forced or like they’re pandering to the fans. But I was thinking of Jasper being redeemed today, and this is what I put together:

Jasper manages to escape Lapis, and returns to beach city. With no one to fuse with her, it is clear that the Crystal Gems can easily defeat her. So she flees. She manages to find the Kindergarten, and make contact with Homeworld (possibly has Peridot with her at this point?), and through her contact learns she has been replaced and will be up for reassignment once she returns home. That’s when Jasper panics and cuts the contact.

Reassignment? After all she did for Homeworld? Hell no! She’s furious, betrayed, and torn. And now Homeworld knows where she is. Slowly, she starts to integrate herself into the Crystal Gems who, of course, don’t trust her at first, but start to open up to her when they recognize the same feelings they had when they first defected from their home.

Eventually, another set of Homeworld Gems DO show up to take out the Crystal Gems and bring Jasper and (presumably) Peridot back with them. Initially, Jasper refuses to go, still angry. But then Yellow Diamond reaches out to Jasper. Yellow Diamond recognizes that Jasper has seen many aspects of the Crystal Gems’ life on Earth, including weaknesses and secrets of the planet. So, Jasper is offered her old position back, nay, a promotion if she assists in their defeat. Jasper enters the ship, appearing as though she is accepting the offer, only to fuck EVERYTHING UP because

“I won’t let you hurt my planet,
And I won’t let you hurt my friends.”

The gems of Steven Universe!

rose: nice and pink and soft and fat and gentle and holy sHIT SHE’S GOREGOUS

methestamy: purple and grapey and sassy and drilled from a hole

gornwet: actually gay and the best to stavun

birb mom: gay and gay and gay and she WILL FUCK YOUR SHIT UP

big buff cheeto puff: super RIPPED if you’re a fusion get ready to get REKT

smolpis: super sad and blue and tiny

peridorito: Atheist-Brony-MLG-Anti Feminist-Pro Gamer Gate

stavun: rose’s hellspawn