Today’s event: Pidgey

We’re going forward with this week of the gracious Pokémon who roam through the sky! Duke will be giving away Pidgey tonight! What’s so special about the first and most memorable family of birds? Well, for starters, you can’t catch it in any 5th Generation game, so it’ll be a great addition to your Pokédex! The Pidgey family is pretty awesome, anyway. Remember to be active on the page at least ONE HOUR before the event time shown, and that time is coming VERY soon! This is when Duke will post, telling everyone it’s time to start exchanging FCs and getting ready to trade in the Wi-Fi room!

-Cheesy Cat

…My heart wavers. Looking down the two paths, I ponder which is the one I will be better off choosing. The choice could very much lead me to where I want to see myself in the future, but it may even lead me to a place where I first feel regret; never to stop regretting everything I have done. The decision is difficult, as both paths look excruciatingly depressing. They are filled with dark and gloomy skies, withered trees, cracked dirt that is beyond cultivatable, and strange puddles of what appear to be blood. The pain that I feel radiating from either path is unbearable. I observe one path, and once I take in all that I can, I shift my focus onto the next. Both paths breathe an undeniable air of symmetry. I can feel a cold, unsettling breeze flowing on both sides of me, as I continue to make myself anxious as a consequence of my indecisiveness. I feel I must make a decision soon, before an unseen force forces me into the path that I realize I did not want to take, and before long, it will be much too late to turn back. However, that is what I fear most—or at least, what I believe I fear most. The feeling that a horrible choice has taken me beyond the point of return. I am only able to make peace in myself during the present, by surrounding my mind with thoughts that will calm my nerves. However, when I emerge from my private sphere of paradise expecting to easily consider a decision, I see the two paths again, and complete horror engulfs my presence. I quickly try to return my personal zone of hope, but the pure horror of what the future could hold shatters all of my serenity, and immediately pushes me toward the fork in the road. I do not realize that this force has saved me from the cutoff that is created by the passing of time, and I loathe everything that the future could hold, if it was not the exact future I wanted. I examine the two paths again. I still see nothing waiting for me in either path—the future seems to hold nothing for me. I look behind me, yearning to return back to the way things were, but instead I see that the path that I took to get here is slowly fading into darkness. I then realize what the same horror that I loathed is the same force that saved me from this apparently new complication. I am wasting time. I do not want to be swallowed by the darkness, and I do not want to choose the wrong path. I would love to stay right in my current spot, where I can create endless fields of harmony in my mind, but the longer I remain in place, the closer the future seems, as I must step forward in order to avoid falling into the abyss that is created by the passage of time. The future soon begins, and it starts with one path. I stand tall towards the fork in the road. Am I ready to take a path that will lead me into the future? Whether or not, now is the time to appoint my destiny…

I’d probably couple this with a fitting image of some sort, but I kind of suck at drawing, and I don’t have fancy tools to help with my near-OCD and never-ending draw-erase-draw process…oh well, If you could stand to read this without turning back…either you have nerves of steel, or I’m actually that good of a writer. At least, I like to think I am…I’m much better at writing than drawing, at least.

Yes, you do; I fancy a look like yours.

And I know no—whooat? Quite the temper there… I think it draws from your dashing-ness…

Just look at that protruding unibrow…interesting…how did you get them like that?

Actually, that reminds me of a particular fellow I know…

 Striking resemblance, no? Well, you may know him yourself…possibly.