I was playing with flavors very near and dear to my heart and I ended up putting together my first dessert plate. @lauramonroe knows my desire to put together pistachios, cardamom (tr: kakule), rose water and lime zest. The plate is a first draft.

Orange blossom and lime zest cheese cake, wild pistachio (tr. melengic) milk jam, cardamom and sumac brittle, pistachios, flowers

#dessert #brittle # candy #middleeasternfood #iran #turkishcuisine #istanbul #flowers #proud2bcia #cheesecake #pistachio (at The Culinary Institute of America)

I’ve been thinking about this all day, and I’ve made up my mind. There is no inappropriate time of the day or night to not eat cheesecake. It is literally an all-day-dessert.

#Cheesecake instead of breakfast? Amazing breakfast choice!
Any other kind of cake for breakfast? “It’s just too much.”

#After lunch cheesecake? Yes if at work, no if at a restaurant.
Any other type of cake after lunch? Absolutely not.

#After dinner cheesecake? I’ll have a slice now and a slice after dinner.
Any other type of cake after dinner? Plausible.

#2AM snack before finally getting off the computer? Cheesecake is the superior solution.
Any other cake better to eat before going to bed? Unlikely.