And here we go again

So I’ve noticed a couple of things I do that upset me most

One: I throw my self into the friend zone pretty fast..

I’m always down to meet new people but when it comes to meet a guy and one that I may think is cute I always put my self as the “ I’m super chill you can tell me anything” and then that sucks because it goes south like real fucking fast I mean yeah I wanna be your friend and then maybe get In your pants and also be your girl if I get that far but nope I stay right there in my spot you tell me everything and I just get titled best friend ( awesome)

Two: I get too comfortable

I pretty much just say anything that’s on my mind and if I feel like saying “oh god my pussy smells” ( which is does not let’s make that clear) im going to fucking say it

Three: I feel like I give off this vibe of
I’m a total slut and I want sex and that’s all here’s a picture of my tits

For those of you who know that I had a porn blog yes I posted photos of my self on there but mainly because I’m not comfortable with my self fully so in order to break free of that I’ll post some pictures and call it a day now just because I did that doesn’t mean I’ll fucking suck your dick and fuck you the first day we if your lucky and I’m feeling extra cute because of you (you being the person I’m talking too) I’ll show you some cute nudes because I’m comfortable enough with you to show you my body but then that can give the vibe of im easy and I’m not looking for something meaningful when I am so respect me as a human

Four: I give up to easy and very attached

I get attached easily and that sucks major balls and I’m sorry but I can’t help it..its just who I am and if I feel like I’m not worthy I’ll give up on the person and drop from the face of the earth because it hurts and mainly it’s always me who thinks that not the other person
But I give up a lot and again it’s me not the person I’ve recently given up on someone already soo Blahh

Five : I talk shit and I’m blunt

Oh go fucking cry to someone who wants to hear it if I’ve hurt you badly I love you but I’m just telling you because that’s what I think

This post was to just show up on your dash and to state facts about me because I’m a unicorn :D

Fighting with you sucks ass man but if you think about at the end of the day we tend to cuddle in our sleep and we as friends are going to get better at not trying to kill each other so glad to know that at least we look adorable together as baby grubs :3


I had to let my baby go (:
My poor main blog is now gone forever and in all honesty I’m kinda happy it’s gone because she was starting to run a big risk in my life… So baby had to go and I will never forget her<3
But this mean soft cute sweet sub photos will be reblog on here so soft bdsm yay :3 and more random crap on here so this will be my main from now on and I’m happy and I’m just going to start over so show me some love by smiling at your self

I'm sick

My face hurts from trapped mucus I can feel the pain in my teeth! I can’t breathe from my nose so now I have to breathe from my mouth and that blows. I have a fever and want someone to take care of me