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How old were you when you wrote your first piece of writing that made someone cry? and what was it about? Does all/most of your work have a sentimental value to you?

Hey! I never shared my writing until a couple of years ago, but the first time would have been in my grade 12 Extension 2 English class; the point of the course was to create a ‘major work’, which was about 10,000 words I believe.

I wrote a fictional love story, but the characters were based on me and an old friend I’d had a tumultuous history with & I killed him off at the end. One person cried at his actual death within the story (told through a love letter/suicide note the female character found addressed to her many years later) but most of the more emotional responses came from a tacky ‘five years later’ type epilogue I tacked on at the last minute to make up the word count.

It was teenage pretentiousness but I later adapted it for a screenwriting course I took at uni and got a high distinction for it so hey, it can’t have been that bad ;)

As for whether most of my work has sentimental value to me, I can honestly say that maybe 20% of it does, the rest is just whatever brain garbage I vomit onto a word document at the time. I don’t think that art always has to be personally emotive in order to be good, to be moving, to mean something to someone else.


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