I Love You Deerly

Title: I Love You Deerly (Japhan)

Word Count: 2004

Genre/Rating: Mega Fluff/Humor PG

Description: In which Dan and Phil visit a temple, get attacked by deer, and Dan has a really important question to ask.  

A/N: Written in honor of #japhan. Please forgive me for the horrible pun in the title. Also this takes place at Todaiji temple in Nara which is a real place I have been to and I know it’s six hours away from Toyko but shhhh. See photographic references here, herehere, and also here. Please enjoy and let me know what you think!


“Oh my god.”

“Phil,” said Dan, placating.

“Oh my god, Dan, look at them all!” Like a small child, Phil tugged enthusiastically on sleeve of his boyfriend’s jacket. His eyes were comically wide, and his intonation implied deep significance. “They’re everywhere.”

“See, I told you the trip up would be worth it,” said Dan. He was grinning despite his nerves. Being literally surrounded by wild animals made him a bit edgy, sure, but he figured that was a rational fear. They were barely through the towering, ornate wooden gate marking the temple’s entrance, and already a mid-sized deer was prodding its head against Phil’s knee.

Phil positively melted. He doubled over to pet the animal with excessive carefulness, but he needn’t have bothered. It endured his pats with indifference, nudging incessantly at Phil’s pockets. Dan stuck his hands in his own pockets as a preventative measure.

“They’re considered messengers of the gods in the ancient Shinto tradition,” said Dan, reciting near verbatim what he’d read off Wikipedia the night before. “So whatever you do, don’t kill it.”

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