fic: A Fairytale Ending

{because a while ago i promised ems an early klaine fic so here you have it.} First date, chocolate covered strawberries and a fairytale. // AO3 ~2k

Kurt wonders how he managed to get so lucky as he sits in the passenger seat of Blaine’s mom’s Prius, his head tilted in content as he watches Blaine whilst he sings along to his iPod. His lips are dancing along to the music and his jaw moves causing the slight stubble on his chin to catch the light from the streetlamps outside.

They’re barely talking, just taking comfort in each other’s presence and Kurt finds that odd, sometimes, how easily he falls into place beside Blaine; the way that the conversation is easy and their silence is a comfort. There’s something different between them, something that as much as he tries he can’t explain it to Mercedes because the only word that come to his lips is ‘fairytale’.

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when are people going to wise up about glee’s horrible writing? I see people blaming kurt, blaming blaine, when anyone with half a brain can see the fault is with rib. glee has been bad for a while now, but going into s6, why hate on kurt for dumping blaine or blaine for dating karofsky when rib are just taking a shit on everything? this isn’t good writing or even mediocre writing. it doesnt deserve our meta or our emotions any more. rib took klaine & threw them away, it’s that simple.