My Beastie Boys collection.  I’ve started this back in high school, and this was actually an achievement for me since I only had very little pocket money and CDs were really expensive back then (especially these are US/EU imports in Asia).  They were actually one of the few bands that made me listen to music seriously back then (I was more of a video games / bookworm girl).  

Thank you for the music, boys.  I’m sad that we won’t be hearing the original New York rap again.

Rest well, MCA.

More guitar stuff + Clothes

Tried to learn 2 new chords today.  It’s getting harder, but I’m excited and I love practicing <3

So far, I know the power chords (E5, A5 and D5), E, A and D and now G and C.  I can feel the callouses on my fingers as well.  

AAAAAAAHHHH why didn’t I continue my guitar lessons back when I was still young? It feels awesome. *kicks old self*  At the very least, I’m still learning fast. I think.

I’ve gotten rid of half my closet on the last garage sale.  I still think I have too many clothes but when I have to dress up in the morning, it feels like I don’t have anything good to wear T_T Gah. Most of my clothes are not mix-and-match friendly.  Plus my shoes.

I really need to pick classic stuff and less of the cutesy things. I’m going to move out soon after I get married (or maybe even before), and I don’t want to clutter our room too much with my clothes XD

Maybe I’ll have to put up more clothes on sale before I move out :/