suuperhusband’s Stony Fanmix Series 
#2: "Displaced" - Azure Ray

Steve feels like he doesn’t belong in the world anymore. Everything’s new, everything’s different. And above all else, everyone he once loved is gone. 

I know that nothing
Nothing survives, nothing survives
I think I’m turned around
I’m looking up, not looking down

Tony also feels like he doesn’t belong. He’s different. Most of the time, he uses that as a strength. “Iron Man.” Super cool, super smart, super rich. But sometimes he feels like an extra piece of a puzzle. Sure, he’s a novelty, but does he really fit? He desperately throws himself into constantly saving the world, hoping that this can give him a purpose, give him a place to belong. 

Am I making something worthwhile out of this place?
Am I making something worthwhile out of this chase?
I am displaced
I am displaced

And despite all of this, Steve and Tony find each other. They find a place where they both belong. A place where they’re both meant to be. 

And when I’m standing still
Watching you run
Watching you fall
Fall into me