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love your thoughts about the economics and propoganda behind the cw machine. but why do you feel yoda started the war?

N’aww, thank you, Anon!

Why do I think Yoda started the war?

Ooohboy. Buckle up kids, here’s another rant for ya!

deadcatwithaflamethrower, please to correct me if I’m wrong; I might well be missing something important and I picked up most if not all of this from you (ALL HAIL!). Also thanks to dogmatix, who kept this in check and provided missing points. <3!

First off. The Separatists had every right to secede. Democratic republic, they could take their toys and go home. If the new government they formed pissed off the Republic, or demanded things like health care or emergency aid, without paying the taxes necessary for it, then that’s a different matter, but there was no reason they could not just say “sorry, you suck, your laws suck, and we’re going over here now to play in our own sandbox, much like, say, the Outer Rim does.” Tatooine, for instance, despite being located near Naboo, is not considered Republic territory. So the Seps were doing things that weren’t publicly LIKED, but were not really illegal.

Propaganda, of course, makes all the difference. Because the whisper campaign – presumably if not explicitly by Sidious – was that once the Seps left, they’d turn right around and attack for resources or whatever. Honestly, I think the goal of the attack would be tailored to whatever system is hearing these rumors, because then it hits home all the harder. Those damn Seps. The Banking Guilds are a part of them, and you know what they TRIED to do at Naboo, 10 years ago. That’s what they’re gonna do to us, and this time, since they’re not part of the Republic? WE WILL HAVE NO RECOURSE.

Which is all wrong, but that’s propaganda for you.

Shots were not fired over this matter until Geonosis. The VERY interesting thing, however, is who shot first.

This fandom, isn’t it always about that?

So! Episode II! Republic Senator Amidala has had assassins after her. Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi follows that trail back to Kamino, to find holy fuck, the Jedi have somehow inherited an army. Um. ‘Kay. Meantime, he’s still tracking back Who Wants Padmé Dead, and follows that to Geonosis. There, he’s sneaking around a planet, uninvited, doing who knows what. The locals find him. They are not happy. Congratulations, Obi-Wan, you ignored the “Trespassers will be tortured and thrown into the animal pit” sign. Guess what happens to you now?

THEN yet ~ANOTHER~ Jedi is trespassing, along with his girlfriend. They do some significant property damage. They ignored the “Trespassers will be tortured and thrown into the animal pit” sign as well. It’s gonna be a party in the animal pit! This coincides with a whole “The Republic sucks, their spies suck, we ain’t having none of that!” public speech, followed by an execution and then barbecue. Or whatever it is Geonosians do to celebrate leaving an asshole organization.

Then 200 odd MORE Jedi invade.

Ok, so the Jedi are in this weird gray area. They serve the Republic, but they aren’t officially an ARM of the Republic. Technically, they’re independent.

In reality, everyone knows they’re jumping whenever the Senate tells them to, and exactly how high. And by everyone, I mean whoever will listen to the propaganda machine.

So the Seps have just declared they ain’t having any more of this shit, only to literally turn around, and find their head honchos are now surrounded by 200 sword-wielding, mystic-power-using murder machines. Of COURSE they call out the droids.

This is still not grounds for war. This is an unmitigated clusterfuck, where the brand new Separatist government just managed to piss off a neutral, peaceful body of folks who come in and bring food, negotiators, and peacekeepers to all and sundry. They also were about to execute a beloved public figure from a small planet in a system not too near the core, which means they were going to piss off Naboo, and maybe that sector of space.

That is still not grounds for war. This is a diplomatic disaster. This could well scuttle the Separatist efforts before they get off the ground, but still. Not. War.

Then we have Yoda. Yoda, who heard hey, the Jedi now have an army! Instead of bringing in JEDI reinforcements, which would limit this disaster to a Jedi and Geonosian affair (with a dash of Naboo), Yoda. Invades. The planet.

Yoda invades the planet, with the newly christened GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC.

The Republic invaded a freshly declared independent planet.

Hello. This is grounds for war. The Seps were declaring their independence, they were dealing with an internal matter of folks invading/trespassing, and Yoda marched in to the tune of Ride of the Valkyries and ramped everything up to 11, and then up to 15 or 16 just for shits and giggles.

No, that last bit is inaccurate. He decided, consciously or not, that Jedi lives were not to be risked in this combat. Clones, however, seemed expendable enough. This is what they were made for, after all.

Was it the right thing to do? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe Yoda let his attachment to Obi-Wan (a Jedi in his lineage) get the better of him. Maybe he thought Senator Amidala was just that important. Or that Anakin really was the Chosen One, and had to be rescued at all costs. Whatever the reason?

Welcome to the next 3, 4 years of conflict, all because of a little green troll decided that Jedi were not expendable.

Ooops. That turned out well.

(Author’s note: Yoda was one of my favorite characters, back when I was younger and saw the Original Trilogy. However, Prequel Trilogy Yoda makes me very, very angry. I understand that hundreds of years of working for the Republic, and being blindsided by the Dark and a dude NAMED for being an insidious twisted fuck leads to bad life decisions. So I still love Yoda, but given the right AU – or canon – I am going to express my displeasure. And there is admittedly a LOT of it.)

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Do you have any theories about Series 4? About Moriarty? :D

Haha, I don’t really, but thank you for asking. <3

There are several members of the fandom that excel brilliantly at theorizing, but I’m not really one of them. Puzzles have never been a strong suit for me, regretfully.

My skill set is more in analyzing the meaning of something once it’s already out there. When LSiT uses me as a sounding board for her theories, it’s because we both tend to be curious about what the author was trying to convey, rather than all the possible meanings a scene could hold. Because of this we frequently glean the same meaning out of scenes, so I act as a kind of check point; would other people see this, or is it just me? But the theories all come from her court. While I can see it all once she puts the pieces together, I’m perpetually playing a Johnish game of catch-up to her Sherlockian theorizing skills, hahaha.

For my part, when it comes to Moriarty-related matters, I stand behind M-Theory.

Probably the only thing I feel fairly confident about, that flies in the face of a lot of convincing subtextual theories, is that I don’t expect that Mycroft will die. He’s the mirror representative of Sherlock’s intellect, right? And Moriarty is a mirror for his selfishness. In Sherlock’s case the two of them have gotten horrendously tied together, but I expect that somehow they’ll be able to disentangle the two of them. Moriarty will most certainly die at some point in the series because it’s necessary for the ‘great man becomes a good one’ arc, but for his selfishness to take his intellect down with it feels incorrect to me on a gut level, certainly in the context of Sherlock Holmes. It’s certainly possible that Mycroft’s life will be in the balance by the end of series 4, but I don’t see him dying. I don’t have any evidence for it, though. That’s just my gut feeling about how the over-arching story will likely flow, from the literary standpoint by which I watch the show.

That’s about all I have for it though, sorry. How about you, Anon? <3


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