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When it got to the part about Romani and her sister while the moon is falling, I seriously had so many feels. I never actually THOUGHT about it that way. 

Meandering thru the French Wine Country (day 2)

Bordeaux, FR Day 2: St. Emilion

Say hello to our car!  yep, def cant mistake that for anything else.  We had a minor snafoo with picking it up (FYI when traveling in small cities, when you reserve a rental car for 10:30AM it may no longer be there when you roll in around 1:00PM…)


on our short drive over to St. Emilion, we just happened to stumble upon this chateau-turned-into-hotel.  is france awesome or what? we decided that an afternoon break from our hard work of waking up, eating lunch, and driving 20 min was clearly in order and had coffee & wine. 


finally, St. Emilion!  St. Emilion is a little cute & quaint town nestled within the Bordeaux region.  Lined with narrow cobblestone streets and scores of wine shops and galleries, it was a great little town to explore for a lazy afternoon.



if you do end up making your way over to St. Emilion, I highly recommend walking up to the King’s Tower, where you can get a panoramic view of the city as well as the church, as well as the rolling green hills of the vineyards:




chateau where we had our afternoon break: Chateau Grand Barrail | Route de Libourne - D24333330 Saint-Emilion

Chateau de Versailles, France

Despite the grand exterior of the grounds, especially that of the garden, the interior didn’t particularly wow me. Maybe it was the crowds of people in every single room, but even so, it didn’t match the grandeur of the exterior (maybe except for the hall of mirrors).

Fendi Chateau Ocean Residences


Who would have thought that the Fendi brand would take its talents to the world of real estate? It’s a company that has made its mark in all forms of luxury across the globe and now it will grace the beaches of South Florida.

The property will be in the form of a luxurious 300 linear foot chateau on the oceanfront. Fendi Cheateau Ocean Residences will have 12 stories and 60 units, flow through residences, with 10 ft high ceilings. Amenities include; Valet Parking, Concierge, Private Elevators, Fitness Center, Sauna, Spa, Kids Club,Bussiness Center, Restaurant, Infinity Pools, Shabbat Elevators and much more!

It was developed by the Chateau Group, one of the most well-known real estate development companies in the world, with over 35 years of professional experience in residential, commercial and mixed-use projects in the United States and South America, as part of its lavish portfolio. Their large body of work spreads all across the world in such cities as Buenos Aires and Punta del Este.

For more information, please contact Rita Japhet at (305) 450-6662 or click here:


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