One of the biggest barriers people claim is an issue to eating healthily/vegan is the price. I was talking to my flatmate today who was saying she wanted to start getting in shape but she thought that healthy food was expensive. So I dragged her along to tesco with me to get my groceries and prove otherwise.

I got:
1kg frozen baby carrots - £1
900g frozen green beans - £1
500g frozen diced onion - £1 (tbh probably would have been cheaper fresh but I suck at chopping onion)
900g frozen cauliflower - £1
600g frozen broad (lima) beans - £1
3 bags fresh spinach - £1 each
1 bag fresh kale - £1
1 bag fresh coriander (cilantro) - 79p
1 large fresh carrot - 17p
3 tins chopped tomatoes - 39p each
Doritos hot salsa - £1 (it was on sale)

Total: £12.13

This food will probably last me around 10 days to 2 weeks. I have whole wheat pasta, brown rice, soba noodles and quinoa at home (50p-£2 a bag) that I’ll eat this stuff with, as well as tins of beans (about 50p each), frozen peas and corn, and some fresh veg I need to eat soon before it goes off (mushrooms, avocado and courgette/zucchini). But I only have to replenish the dry carbs every few weeks when they run out, like normal people. Mostly my weekly grocery shop comprises of fruit, vegetables, some pasta/rice/olive oil/spices etc if I’m out and some beans/lentils if I’m out of them too. Usually I try and eat fresh veg but it is more expensive. So I stock up on frozen and if I’m passing a grocer and see nice fresh veg I’ll pick some up but otherwise I’ve got a great selection at home. I’m going to use the tomatoes to make a chickpea soup and a pasta sauce, I’ll have some veggies and beans and rice in a nourish bowl, make a mushroom noodle soup, maybe a stir fry too? I haven’t planned my food completely for the next couple of weeks but it’ll look something like that. Tonight I’m making kidney bean burgers with a side of zucchini and mushrooms for dinner and I’ll have the leftovers for lunch for the next few days. I have enough fruit at home to last me the next couple of days but as I always tend to eat fresh fruit I’ll pick it up much more frequently.
I know this wasn’t so much a guide as it was a ramble about my shopping but if you want me to make a proper guide with pricing and tips let me know! I just hope this was helpful in letting you know that eating lots of veggies and being a healthy vegan doesn’t have to be expensive at all ☺️

Real Trainer

On my website www.xfittraining.com I have a comment page where people send me questions.

I do my best to answer the questions the best I can.
But every now and then.
I also need people to remember this is how I earn my living so I’m not going to write you up a training program you can follow for the next year or until this one bores you.  

And just as if you emailed a Celebrity Chef and ask about how do I cook a pot roast their reply most of the time go “buy my cookbook”.

The question was about the cardio/kickboxing class there taken.

First off I don’t teach class I use to, But no more just private and small groups training.

The person was bored in the class they never learn anything new and the Instructor doesn’t give this person the time of day.

Again It’s a class your not going to get individual attention in a class. And if you don’t like the fitness class you’re taking there is not a lot I can do to help so don’t get mad at me when I don’t answer you wanted to hear.

I’m a Real Trainer and I get paid to be a Real Trainer

You want to know how to make your workout/training better make an appointment and come see me and if you don’t live in my area find someone in your area that can help you.

P.S. if you think it cost to much to have a professional give you advice.
Next time your heading out to the club think about how much your going to spend on getting drunk and where’s that money going.

If you agree with this repost it