camping for #beauties invitation:

“we want to go camping with all our friends and not #gaypeople the sunssss out so bums out tossin chaws livin raw packin tin muckin bin tossin chaws with the bras big beauties huge cuties”

hahahahahahhahahahaha i’ve never been so dead against going to something in my life. 

If you want to imagine tyranny, imagine that feel when no dip spit babe to spit chaw juice on your balls
—  Karl Marx

anonymous asked:

Pretty sure I saw Buster spit out a big ol' chunk of chawin' tobaccy at the end of last night's broadcast. I did not know this about him! So gross Buster, what are you doing.

Blehhhhh. I’m hoping maybe it was just bubble gum, since that’s usually what he’s chewing. Lalala chaw is nasty.


Undertaker loves the CHAW. #mudjug #chaw #chewtobacco #undertaker video by @chrisdips1


Holy Mother of Chuck!