• mom:its time to go to school
  • me:i cant go to school
  • mom:why not
  • me:bc im siq
  • mom:youre not sick
  • me:no u dont understand
  • me:*throws down some siq beats*
  • mom:haha nice bro, no school 4 u
  • me:siq
  • mom:siq

Alan Watts - The Mind.  (4 minutes).  I find Alan’s talks to be very helpful, and being someone with a mind which is always busy, this video was especially relevant.   -John Mark Green

possible death toll

please god let there be survivors I want my babies alive please 

like the beam appears to miss people so hopefully there were???

Like it cuts through the house and there’s like an exploding patch of earth

this is before the blast


then the super weapon cuts the factory 


then more explosions, one of the beifong twins seems clear of rubble, mako seems to be engulfed


then… oh dear


shitting fuck


so yeah 

probably survivors: korra (duh) and probably su yin, bataar jr and tenzin maybe one of the twins

probably injured or dead :(((((((( : Mako and maybe the other twin. 

not shown; possibly hurt: Varrick, Zhu Li, Opal, Bumi were in the room with them along with some air nomads (not sure if Kai and Jinora are there, the images are blurry for the air nomads but i think jinora and kai are on top of and by the crate in the 2nd image?)



oh and other people were maybe in the factory (ASAMI ADSFJSDJFHJAKSFJDFHSKDJFH)

😂😂😂 مفروض يحطون كريس لترويج لشوكولاته موب ميوكي لان ميوكي يكره الحلويات
و كريس يحب الشوكو 🌚✋ و يا ليت يطلعون كورا بالترويجات ترا طفشت من ميوكي و سنه اولى مرتزين بكل حته