The DI and the Spy {Mystrade, fic, podfic}

Rating: Teen
Author: chasingriver
Reader: chasingriver
Warnings: none
Genre: romance, humour
Keywords: insecure!Mycroft, kissing, fantasising, flirting
Length: ~01:13:00
Word Count: 11,465

Greg is an early-morning runner. Mycroft is an early riser who happens to live on Greg’s running route. Hilarity ensues.

Why momo likes this fic/podfic:

This is so freakin’ cute, you have no idea. The dynamic between Mycroft and Greg, the suspense … it’s wonderful!

I thought that the almost!smut at the end was unnecessary (yeah, I know, ME!) but other than that this was a delight to listen to.

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anonymous asked:

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5. Favorite fic author?

It’s a tough question, there are so many amazing writers out there but I love Chasingriver and get excited when she publishes a fic. She is an amazing writer, the holmescest queen and a lovely person too.

12. What turns you away the most from a fic?

Unless I am in “one of those moods” I tend to avoid anything with “Major Character Death” in the tags. Otherwise it’s fics with Molly Hooper as one of the main characters.

24. Do you have any dirty kinks that you’re ashamed of?

Oh god yes. Who doesn’t? And I have to admit I developed a lot of kinks from reading fics. As for the ones I’m ashamed of…well….


30. Favorite porn fic?

Torquay Arms” by Chasingriver. It is absolutely brilliant, brilliantly smutty and I adore the backstory of the Holmes boys. I blame that fic for my deep routed Holmescest love.

Closely followed by “I’d Arrest You If I Had Handcuffs” by Taylorpotato. Sherstrade was never my ship but I got hooked to this fic. Taylor’s porn is always amazing.

38. How do you feel about genderbending? De-aging? Animalizing?

I love genderbending, love some de-aging too but Animalizing is something I just can’t get my head around. I love the cute drawings of them but when it comes to fics it’s just not something that tickles my fancy.  

pennypaperbrain said: Ah, you have decided to kindly reduce the cognitive dissonance of fangirls who expect you to look like John! Can you get some more wrinkles etched in?

The funny thing is that I’m still kind of surprised when someone doesn’t look like their avatar. Like when I met chasingriver, I was surprised she didn’t look exactly like Alex Kingston or that somehow, you didn’t look like Sherlock… I saw hbbo at a con and was like, why isn’t she a drawing in a vest and jeans…  :-) I’ll work on the wrinkles! :-D

Chasingriver has just dropped me off at the train station and I cannot express how much I wish we could have had more time because she is perfect.
CR I’m sorry I’m drunk and I nearly cried but I can’t express how much I love your fic. I feel like we got each other and I hope we meet again soon. You are my ultimate follow forever and I adore you. Thank you for looking after me and understanding.

Outsourcing // chasingriver

Rating: E // Relationship: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson & Sherlock Holmes/Lestrade & Mycroft Holmes/Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock can’t get enough sex. Mycroft calls in Greg and John to help him out.

Smutty fic rec for Friday! Please pay attention to the tags and warnings on the fic. 

As said by Mycroft in the fic, “Sherlock and I are in a sexual relationship and have been for quite some time.” Mycroft and Sherlock have started getting too busy to meet up, so he enlists John and Greg to help keep Sherlock busy. Mycroft shows the two of them what Sherlock likes and everyone is happy their little arrangement.

Just over 9000 words of Holmescest, Sherstrade and Johnlocky goodness!

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