So I’m throwing my first event for NORMA NOW solo dolo and I’m bringing some friends with me. 

Hosting I have my great friend and amazing woman Ashley Outrageous and we shall all wish her off to New York to take over the World!

DJing I have my wonderful partner Miami Marci (and he’s a beast) and of course I couldn’t do it with our Miami’s DZA the king of the booty bump. Oh wait, to top it off I;ve got Houston hard hitta Chase B! 

Who else might show up? You never know. ;) Im ready to have a great laid back time with all of my friends and maybe ill buy everyone pizza, who knows! Come and join the fun! for tickets! Its only 15$ people, support the hustle - aint no sponsors or logos on this flyer - its all my money baby!

anonymous said:

It seems Zara is out doing Fel by slutting things up. Not only the other day was her tongue down Mason Dalgaards throat, now it's down Calebs

Oh dear Upper East Sider, you forgot Chase Bergey or Bergay as more formally known. Poor Humphrey, I guess he'll learn the lesson of sluts. Once a whore always a whore. Happy Ever After's don't exist here.


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