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Ed Sheeran - “Chasing Cars” with Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol - Staples Center

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Published on Aug 28, 2014

8/27/2014 - Staples Center - Los Angeles, CA

Ed Sheeran performs a cover of “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol with the band’s frontman Gary Lightbody during his first arena headlining tour stop in Los Angeles.

porcelain-doll101 said:

Quarterback Percy/ Punk! Annabeth please

Annabeth squeezes her way between two girls leaning into the aisle chatting excitedly. She cast another glare at the guy who took the last seat up front and takes a seat slightly off to the left in the second row. She pulls out her notebook and starts scanning the notes from last period.

“Whatcha readin’ there blondie?” Annabeth feels the guy’s breath on her hair and suppresses a shudder.

“Fuck off,” she flips him the bird for emphasis and turns the page.

“Wow, first day and you’re already making friends. Someone should teach you some manners,” Annabeth’s left hand curls into a fist. She keeps her right hand flat against the top of the desk.

“Someone should teach you to keep to yourself.” She says calmly.

“That gonna be you Tatts? Say, where does this one go exactly?” Annabeth feels the ghost of his fingertips against her skin and starts to turn. She keeps her fist loose and her thumb out so she won’t break a finger while breaking his nose.

“I’m surprised you’re even in this class Twinkie, I didn’t think you could read.” The guys voice makes ‘Twinkie’s’ hand pull back and Annabeth stops herself. Fist fights aren’t great for permanent records.

“Very funny, Jackson. I was just admiring her art, besides shouldn’t you be throwing more shitty passes?” A couple chuckles come from behind her.

“Says the moron who close lined our own running back last game. Maybe that had something to do with you and your goons lighting something up before the game.” Annabeth turns to see her defender and nearly cusses.

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I Got A Boy - Chapter 9



Though Percy pretended like nothing happened, Annabeth knew the night of the blackout had affected… something, and couldn’t decide if it was ultimately good or bad or somewhere in the middle.

It was good because when she had fallen on top of him, he hadn’t seemed to notice anything particular about her body, like the ace bandage wrapped around her chest or the curve of her hip. If his hands had been anywhere else but her shoulders…

Everything would be at risk if she did that again. Even though his arms were really great and his core was as rock hard as it looked, she couldn’t have him getting closer in every sense of the word.

She didn’t want to think about him finding out either, easily imagining the look of horror on his face that turned to anger, and him screaming in her face and kicking her out on the street - the thought made her taste bile in back of her throat.

But he just kept being his usual self, meaning if he knew any different, he wasn’t letting on. Percy acted like a thing hadn’t changed a bit - aside from the fact that he probably had the wimpiest roommate ever who was scared of lightning. He just smiled and joked as always.

It was quite brave, admitting he wasn’t great at school to someone he barely knew. But the fact that he did so, and didn’t even want to talk about, floored her. It was like he backpedaled at the last moment when he realized how he sounded like a stupid jock.

But she didn’t think of him like that. She sympathized with him more than anything.

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