April Book Haul aka Another-Failed-Book-Buying-Ban Edition

Oh yes. I did fail again. I told myself nott to buy any books until September so that I can save up for the Manila International Book Fair that will be held that month. Anyway.. surprise surprise!! I broke my ban.

So.. little story: When I got inside the bookstore, I took my usual stroll towards the Young Adult section. Again, I saw Froi of the Exiles and Quintana of Charyn, the 2nd and 3rd book in the Lumatre Chronicles series. 

You guys have to know that I’ve been seeing these books on the same shelf at this very same bookstore every single time. All the time, I would as a book clerk for the first book, Finnikin of the Rock. Every time, I would get the same reply: “I’m sorry the book is not available in all of our branches.”

But.. not tonight, I finally got a different reply. This book clerk told me to wait while he checks their database. And then he told me that they don’t have the book. So, since this is always happening to me, I moved on to look for another book. After merely a couple of minutes, someone tapped my shoulder. It was the book clerk holding up.. guess what?? FREAKING FINNIKIN OF THE ROCK!!! And all I can say was.. “HOW?”

And then the book clerk smiled. He then told me that he was fairly sure he saw the book somewhere in the bookstore this week. He tried to remember where and he searched for it! I was so freaking happy! I thanked him so much that even as I was going out of the bookstore, I was still muttering ‘thanks’ to him.

Yep. I was indeed a very lucky bookworm today.

As for the other books, well these are some of the books I wanted to buy for so long. And yes, I bought The Little Prince because when I decided to reread it, I found that i was missing from my shelf and I don’t know where my copy was.

And to prove just how happy I was about getting one of the books in my haul, take a look at this snapshot:


Marchetta Meme: [5/5] Scenes » Chapter 12, Quintana of Charyn

He felt his hand slipping and knew he didn’t want to die this way. Not from a fall. He closed his eyes and summoned the strength to hold on, but Froi was too weak. His body had not yet recovered and he couldn’t save himself. And he prayed, realising while he hung from this tree in the kingdom of his birth, that Sagrami wasn’t just a curse to him, she was his guide as well. Not Trist or any of the gods of Charyn, but Lumatere’s mighty Goddess. He prayed to her with all his might. Don’t let me die. Not now, he begged.
Why? she demanded to know.
Because I deserve to live.
A hand suddenly gripped his wrist.
He wondered if the hold came from the realms of the gods. But he didn’t care. All he knew was what the Goddess was whispering to him, He’ll never let you go. How could you have ever doubted him?
‘I’ve got you, Froi.’


Charyn là một hẻm núi kéo dài 154 km dọc theo sông Charyn ở Kazakhstan. Hẻm núi nằm tại khu vực cách Almaty khoảng 195 - 200 km về phía đông, không xa từ biên giới với Trung Quốc. Hẻm Charyn nằm trong khu vực vườn quốc gia Charyn - được thành lập ngày 23/2/2004 - là một di sản thiên nhiên, hình thành từ đá trầm tích có niên đại khoảng 12 triệu năm. Chiều cao của các núi dốc đứng trong hẻm núi này từ 150 - 300 m.

sweet lord I just finished all three books of the lumatere chronicles in two and a half days and my sleep schedule and the wellbeing of my soul is fucked up at the moment

I cannot stand these books my god I dont know who I love more isaboe or froi???? or finnikin or tesadora or lucian or arjuro or

and the otps are endless they are all amazing

im awake in the wee hours of the morning half mad half smelling like a person who hasnt washed up in two and a half days because thats exactly it

I love these books so much

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Happy Six Month Anniversary, Charyne!!!

Six months ago, a beautiful boy thought to ask me out. My life’s never been richer, and I’ve felt true love ever since~