3D Pie Charts Are Lie Charts

By David Mendoza - Monday, March 16, 2015

Despite the overwhelming evidence proving pie charts ineffectively display data, designers continue to use this deficient graphic. Two of the most prominent data visualization experts, Stephen Few and Edward Tufte, both agree that the usefulness of the pie chart is limited. “Of all the graphs that play major roles in the lexicon of quantitative communication,” Few maintains, “the pie chart is by far the least effective.” Edward Tufte is even more blunt. In The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, he wrote, “Given their low data-density and failure to order numbers along a visual dimension, pie charts should never be used.”

Chart made by /u/mmmmmmBacon12345

And yet we continue to find pie charts everywhere. Recently, on /r/dataisbeautiful, this pie chart made it to the front page. The chart has several deficiencies, including the desaturated and nearly monochromatic color scheme, but its biggest flaw is its use of the 3D option. As flawed as pie charts already are, the use of an unnecessary third dimension makes its problems substantially worse.

Below I reveal exactly how much using 3D distorts the data displayed in the chart. On the left, I modified the original pie chart by increasing the color contrast to make the slices easier to differentiate. On the right, I created a 2D pie chart that more accurately displays the same data. I labeled the angle of each slice in blue. As the annotations show, both charts are not the same. For instance, the angle of slice 4 on the 3D pie chart should be almost twice as big, while slice 7 has the opposite problem. The angle of slice 7 should be around 50% smaller than it actually is.

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‘The Desired Effect’, ‘Can’t Deny My Love’ Climb US iTunes Charts

Since debuting late yesterday, ‘Can’t Deny My Love’ has steadily climbed the US iTunes charts.  Currently, ‘Can’t Deny My Love’ is number 9 on the iTunes Alternative chart and 106 on the Overall chart.

‘The Desired Effect’ has also quickly climbed the iTunes charts.  Currently, ‘The Desired Effect’ is the number 3 album on the iTunes Alternative Albums chart and number 18 on the Overall Albums chart.

When looking at just albums available for preorder, ‘The Desired Effect’ is number 1 album on the Alternative chart and number 4 on the Overall chart.

Cocktail Construction Chart, 1974

Item From: Record Group 95: Records of the Forest Service, 1870 - 2008

An instruction sheet for creating cocktails.  Follow the drawings from the US Department of Agriculture Forest Service to learn how to make various alcoholic beverages from around 1974.

Source: https://catalog.archives.gov/id/7035823?