LISTEN: Hot Sugar feat. Heems - “56K”

Look, I don’t want to think about that horrific age before hi-speed Internet any more than you do, but Heems and Hot Sugar have made a good song with “56K” so it’s probably worth imagining what your life would be like without Tumblr. That god-awful dial-up modem noise gets sampled over some booming bass, sorta Goldeneye sounding pads, and economic raps from Heems, who lays the jokes on fast and heavy over a beat that for the first time is just as cheeky as he is.


If you can’t eat it you can’t fuck it.

I get to see this man tonight. ♥


Michael talks about his firsts


CHARTattack VIDEO | An Interview With Toro Y Moi’s Chaz Bundick

[Review] Crystal Castles Show They've Got Guts

The sense of foreboding was high when I walked past the night’s first overdose before even getting in to the Sound Academy.

I’d been warned by Crystal Castles fans that the duo’s shows are notoriously boisterous, at times violent and infamously short, so this was the one show where even those of us who weren’t on anything were feeling anxious butterflies in our stomachs.

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WATCH: Angel Haze - “New York”

If her hell-hath-no-fury rhymes weren’t enough of an indication, Angel Haze’s video for “New York” pretty much cements the fact that you shouldn’t cross Haze on a bad day, because she will fuck you up. Taken from her fantastic mixtape Reservation, the bleak video finds Haze and crew in horror get-up, sporting menacing gas masks while wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting couple, torturing them mercilessly. But, then a strange reprieve—the video turns to color and Haze enters her apartment to give her producer a big hug. Huh.


The BEST Mount Eerie interview. Hilarious. Genius. Everything in between.

“I made Jurassic Park.”


Earl Sweatshirt Twitters album collabs, disappoints rape-rap enthusiasts

Pieces of human garbage were crestfallen last night when Earl Sweatshirt announced via Twitter that he’s done making music about violent sexual crimes, before listing a bevy of upcoming album collaborators who probably feel the same way he does. Deep sighs escaped the lungs of these irredeemable examples of everything wrong with their generation as Earl tweeted “Everyone whose favorite song off EARL was epar or whatever might be pretty bummed.” and “I hope i lose you as a fan if you only fuck with me cause i rapped about raping girls when i was 15.” Guests on the album will include Tyler the Creator, The Neptunes, Frank Ocean, Domo Genesis, Bad Bad Not Good, Thundercat, Vince Staples, Casey Veggies, and The Internet.



WATCH: Zebra Katz - “W8WTF”

A black wave of fever dream hip-hop from New York rapper Zebra Katz, the rising rapper’s got a nightmarish video for his latest single “W8WTF,” which is sick to the stomach with nausea and paranoia. The lo-fi track makes every little sound feels like a cord yanking your neck, as Katz tries to sweat out whatever it is that’s got him in his anxious state. Donning a S&M mask and trucker hat that has “CUNT” plastered on it, the rapper has a horrible (or maybe great?) trip in his hotel that seems like it’ll probably last forever.


Conversations with Father John Misty

If you haven’t seen Father John Misty’s interview with CHARTattack then now is your chance. It is pleasantly… off? Watch it.


WATCH: Nas - “Cherry Wine” (feat. Amy Winehouse)

No surprise here: Nas‘ latest video from Life is Good is “Cherry Wine,” featuring the late Amy Winehouse on particularly haunting chorus duties. The video has Nas playing a bartender forced to endure as the CHERRY of his eye is propositioned by a bunch of handsome men. Will he get the ideal women he raps about so dexterously in this classy, silken track? Yes. Because he’s a bartender, and she’s a raging alcoholic.


Esperando que Cheap Trick y todos los fans estén bien luego de la noticia del colapsó de la tarima en el show de Ottawa Bluesfest.


Hoping that Cheap Trick and all the fans are alright. Just read the news about the stage collapsing at Ottawa Bluesfest.


Wilderness of Manitoba, Noisemakers Ep. 8