You guys like merbabes, right??

Keychains are available on Etsy if you want ‘em (8 USD)~  They’re super limited-edition right now (just 5/6 of each!) but if these sell, I can make a fuckton more, so if you want ‘em speak up!!  Spread the word!  please buy these cute bastards babies and houses are expensive and i need some extra money…!  Also if y’all would rather have prints of these, shoot me a message and I’ll see what I can do~

“These home-baked charms are plastic so they’re nice and sturdy, with a lobster claw (that’s hilariously fitting) to attach to keychains. Size varies a little for some reason (that’s probably a printing issue, to be remedied in the next batch), but they’re about the size of a quarter. They’ve also been glossed to protect against the elements!

Merbabes that are resistant to water!! What a time to be alive.”


i just received some of the cutest ever charms from kirixin-shop!! they came in a proper sealed post envelope, with the little one inside that, with ‘hope you have a nice day <3′ written on the front, which i thought was the sweetest thing,,
i got two different kinds of charms, the first one being one of the character charms(specifically, the ‘sick boy’ one)
as well as the set of 9 drinks charms!
all in all it cost me about $8 with shipping, which is damn good??
theyre cute and vibrant and adorable(theres horrible lighting in these since its getting dark,,) and im gonna have to find some charm loop thingies so i can actually attach them to stuff but ahh,, thank you so much kirixin!

anonymous asked:

Mama, I am a fairly new witch, and I made this bottle that cleasnes negative spaces around five months ago. Should I dump everything out and do the spell again to recharge it??

Only if you feel like it needs recharging.

Cleansing and protection bottles don’t generally run out of juice unless they have to work very hard or very frequently to keep things status quo.

Witch Tip

Buttons make excellent little charms that are discreet enough to take anywhere. Pick your button color based on what you want it to do, cleanse it, charge it, sew or tie it to your clothing or a bag, and you’re ready to go!

Eevee Evolution Tail Charms

Give your favorite device a totally unique and an awesome accessory! These Eevee evolution (and Pikachu) charms are made from laser cut acrylic and will poke right into any headphone jack. Works well on phones, Nintendo DS, cameras and more!

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protip for magic practitioners

magical correspondences mean nothing if they don’t feel right to you. spell casting, charm making, etc. are all very personal things, and they come from the emotions inside you, not from an insentient book or webpage.

your emotions are powerful. trust them. use them.

Here is a small collection of the hairwraps my love and I have placed up on our website recently. Each, handmade with love by us, for you, the beautiful dreamers of this magical earth. Thank you hopelessly, if you happen to take a peek at our website, and even more so if you buy a treasure or two. We appreciate you and you kindness in more ways than words can describe. Your love and support makes us burst out of bed most days, and we are so grateful for being able to do what we love, together.

You can purchase them, here: euphoricspiritdesigns.com
Or create your own custom design, here: http://www.euphoricspiritdesigns.com/category/custom-orders