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headache and/or coffee

Originally I was going to do them both separately, but I’ve decided to try to mix them to see how that works.

Coffee and Headaches ft. Terryn Scotts

"Come on, Terryn, you’ve got to let me try something." Hestia sat sideways, with one leg under her, her hands in her lap. She sat on small wooden chair in the library, in a nook that she’d found Terryn in a few minutes prior.

"I’m fine, sweetheart, really." He’d been trying to get her to leave him, and his headache, be for the past few moments and it had yet to work.

Hes knew she probably wasn’t the best company right now, she’d pulled nearly an all nighter and was running on nearly two pots of coffee. Her energy was at an all time high, due to both the sleep deprivation and the high intake of caffeine. She wasn’t the cause of his current headache, but she knew that her demeanor probably wasn’t helping it any. “If you’d just let me try something, I’ll leave you alone.”

He sighed, but it turned into a smile when he turned to see her with her eyes big and eyebrows perched up as she waited on his response. “Just don’t do anything that sends me to Madame Pomfrey, Hes.”

She let out a small squeal, excited at the chance to try her hand at a basic healing spell. She grabbed the sides of his face with both of her hands and placed a quick peck on them from her excitement - though she was sure she’d later hear, again, about how he’s not her mother and deserved a better kiss than that. “I promise!”

Standing up she picked her wand up from where it’d been laying on the table. She crossed her arms, paced behind him a few times, while biting her lip in thought. What spell was it that her mother used on her headaches all the time?

She took a few more minutes before pointing her wand at the Slytherin, eyes focused, and whispered the words to a simple healing spell. She leaned forward so to look at him, though she was silent for a few moments. To let the spell sink in, of course. “So, how do you feel?”

Terryn chuckled at her facial expression but shook his head. “Sorry, sweetheart, but I feel the same. My head is still throbbing as if it’s been hit by a quaffle during practice.”

Hes gave an exasperated sigh and plunked into her seat. Her arms were on the table, and her face planted into it as well. “But I thought I had it.” Her voice was barely more than mumbles, but it was enough for him to hear her.

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Hes- Turns out I did get you a Christmas present. Something small, hope you'll use it. Love, Terryn. Inside the package was a brown leather bound notebook, her name engraved onto the front binding and red and gold beads knotted into the tie. Along with the journal was a small box, with a new quill-the feather bright gold- with a new ink well and a bottle of black ink. It was a simple, useful gift.

Looking down at the letter and gift, Hes blinked before opening it. She really hadn’t been expecting anything, from anyone really let alone Terryn. As she opened it, she smiled, picking up the notebook and running her hands across the leather - her fingers over where her name was engraved. She was quick to write back, using her new quill and ink.


Thank you, so much, but you shouldn’t have! Now I feel horrible for not getting you anything. Next time there’s a Hogsmeade weekend, will you go with me? Perhaps I could buy you a butterbeer or something, to make up for it. Maybe, possibly, make it a date? I mean, we don’t have to look at it that way if you don’t want to. In fact, you probably think that’s rather stupid. Nevermind, forget I asked. About the last part, at least. I’d still like to make it up to you, some how.



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Barnes and nobles is usually expensive shit, yeah? Well, my friend, there is one book that would save you loads of money. The Lord of the Rings as Tokien meant it to be read; as one book. 20 bucks for the Fellowship of the Ring, the Two Towers, AND Return of the King for one low price.

ADGDFGDSFG. I got them, plus the hobbit, all separate for like 21. But, I’d rather have had that copy. Too bad I already bought it. ;_;