Follow Forever; Valentine’s Day Edition

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I am so incredibly grateful every single moment for you even if we don’t talk every day, even if we don’t get to live near each other, even if something keeps up apart for any reason whatsoever you are always on my mind and it’s almost like having you right there. 

I’m lucky to have you every day, not just for one.

Happy Thanksgiving my beautiful, talented, kindhearted, hysterical, loyal to no fault, brilliant, insane, easy to love WDFers.

You truly make it for me.

charmedxdangerous replied to your post: charmedxdangerous replied to your post: So guys…

I was thinking the same thing. I read a fanfic that used another vampire besides Eric. But I feel like there was a point in time where he was absolutely ruthless and unable to love OR SOMETHING. And then Pam changed all of that.

Yup, I agree!

I mean the guy was a vampire for 900 years without making another vampire.

Sure he had Godric but there must of been something about Pam for him to make her.

Turning a human into a vampire is a huge commitment, I want to know what it was about Pam that made him turn her. I cant see him walking into a brothel saying “oh she looks tasty, I shall have her”, I want to see why he chose Pam out of all the other humans he could have had.


You are perfect. You’re practically everything and I’ve never been more thankful for a day than I am for today. That made sense right? XD But it was the day you were born! And if that hadn’t of happened, I’d never have met you. And then I wouldn’t have you. And what kind of life is that? A really sad one. And I hate the idea of it. You’re one of my best friends and one of the greatest people. I love you, Daisy!

xx Tala

charmedxdangerous replied to your post: Is having three jobs excessive?

Nope. Welcome to my life. :) Do enough so that you’re not overwhelmed. And if you start to feel like you are take a step back and re-evaluate.

Overwhelmed comes and goes for me, but this could really make life easier in some ways and harder in others. It’s a risk I might be willing to take, idk D: But thank you <3 I only get through things with you guys and your support even if it sometimes takes me away from you :/

I was supposed to be re-writing

[02:09] xyouarethemoon: someone should have four house elves
[02:09] xyouarethemoon: and name them after the teletubbies
[02:09] xsquibber: Omg
[02:10] xyouarethemoon: they have such house elf names!
[02:10] Naijaxmusik: LMFAO
[02:10] Naijaxmusik: Done
[02:10] xsquibber: LA LA. BRING ME MY DINNER.
[02:10] xyouarethemoon: TINKY WINKY. IM OUT OF TOILET PAPER
[02:10] Naijaxmusik: PO, WHY ARE MY CLOTHES WRINKLED?
[02:10] xyouarethemoon: Dipsy’s the drunk one
[02:10] xyouarethemoon: who never does his job
[02:10] Naijaxmusik: XDDDDD
[02:11] xsquibber: XDDDDD TIPSY DIPSY.
[02:11] xyouarethemoon: ahahahaha
[02:11] xyouarethemoon: thats his and tinky winkys lovechild
[02:11] xsquibber: LOLOL