Steal Her Look: Penelope Taynt aka Ms. Please aka Amanda Bynes Split Personality Takes on Narcissism

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Name: Mimi

Nickname: Mi/Thanh/Shado

Birthday: 3/7/1999

Gender: Female

Sexuality: straight

Height: 5”6

Time Zone: (UTC-5) CDT

What time and date is it there: 4:33 AM September 23rd, 2014

Average hours of sleep I get each night: LOL… Like 5

OTPs: DaeLo, PeeNis (lmfao), wait, do real life OTPs count too? If so- Maz, Miri, Drina, Drishley, Charma, Dreaper, Drason, and myself and food 😋

The last thing I Googled was: The Rape of Nanking (what? I’m all bout that history)

My most used phrase(s): “Bruh.” “Oh my gooooooood!~” “Haha you frickin retard!” “Tiến!!!” “Nigga.” “Dễ thương” “you’re so haram.” “Stop fucking swearing!/watch your goddamn language!”

First word that comes to mind: B.A.P

What I last said to a family member: “Can I eat the rest of the wings?”

One place that makes me happy & why: anytime I’m with my friends. 💕❤️💕

How many blankets I sleep under: One
Favorite Beverage: orange juice

The last movie I watched in the cinema: guardians of the galaxy

Three things I can’t live without (besides friends/family/the internet): headphones, music, chips

Something I plan on learning: Japanese bc it’s so hard rn I hope I can accomplish this goal

A piece of advice for all my followers: “You do you, stay true.”

You all have to listen to this song: You Don’t Love Me by SPICA they’re amazing~

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Slizer, Young Igwe unite for Dhewa commemorations

Slizer, Young Igwe unite for Dhewa commemorations

By Tawanda Marwizi

Motswana musician Naledi Kaisara, who is popularly known as Slizer, will rekindle her performance combination with Peter Moyo for the Tongai Moyo commemoration shows to be held across the country.


This will be the first time Slizer will share stage with Young Igwe, as Peter is popularly known, after she publicly spoke about their alleged love affair and threatened to…

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YA Lit Meme: 5/10 series or books 

↳ She’s My Ride Home - Jackie Bushore

A Bit of Vintage by shannonkathleen featuring Almost Famous ❤ liked on Polyvore

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Why Does Everything Happen to Me? Chapter 10: Amberson

Crap. Damon Razor. I am dead. I quickly ran off the stage and into the dressing room. Amber and Charma came running after me, followed by the boys. I was crying into a pillow and between sobs I managed to say “Damon Razor is in the crowd”. Niall sprung up followed by the other boys and ran out into the crowd. I watched on the TV screen as Niall talked to some of the security guards and they took Damon to jail. But not before I came out and saw him.

Damon: You’ll pay for this! I WILL GET YOU MADISON!!!

That scared me enough not to finish the rest of our set. So Amberson didn’t play that day. Of course it was all over the news, great. I got a call from Simon and he said that a talk show wanted to speak with me and Amber about what happened, oh great. We got to the studio where the show as held and Amber was holding my hand tightly, our first live interview. Don’t mess up Madison. Don’t mess up.

Ellen Degeneras: Please welcome Amberson!! Hello Madison, Amber.
Amber: Hey Ellen.
Madison: Hello Ellen.
Ellen: Now I have a few questions for Miss Madison over here. Now please direct your attention to the video screen.

Then a video procedded to play on the screen of me and Amber coming out of stage last night. It zoomed in onto me when I saw Damon and ran out. It was edited to it looks like a few seconds later that Niall ran out to arrest Damon. Everyone gasped at a few parts, but I knew it was going happen. Then after the video finished the lights came back up and Ellen began asking her questions right away.

Ellen: So Miss Madison, can you explain what is happening here?
Madison: Well it’s a long story.
Amber: It’s a touchy subject. Is there anything else you would like to talk about?
Madison: No it’s okay Amber. I need to say this. *I then told the story of how Damon killed my sister and everything that happened*
Ellen: Oh, I am very sorry for everything that happened.
Madison: It’s okay, I am getting used to it. You know, not having my sister around anymore.
Ellen: Well thank you for joining us today and I hope to have you back again.
Amber & Madison: Thank You Ellen!

We walked off the stage and a weight felt like it was lifted off my shoulders. I had told the world what happened to me. Yeah I had seen couselors but it just wasn’t the same. I felt a little proud of myself. I clicked to my phone and saw I had a few messages from Niall.

From: Nialler xx
Good luck today! I know you’ll do great!

From: Nialler xx
Watching you right now, you’re doing great!!!

From: Nialler xx
Check out the trending topics babe xx
(insert pic of trending topics here) The trending topics are: #DamonRazorShouldDie; Kill Damon Razor; Ambersome Rules the World; #StayStrongMadison; #AmbersomeForever 

Haha. I came back to the dressing room and I saw the boys and Simon sitting right there. Everyone was sitting but Niall was pacing back and forth. Simon was on his phone. I opened the door and all the boys rushed in and gave me a hug.

Harry: We were so worried about you.
Niall: Yeah. Are you okay?
Louis: Ya’ll were AMAZAYN.
Zayn: Hey, uhm, that’s my line.
Liam: Alright calm down. Lets get to the van before fans figure out we are here.

We all walked into the van and I got to thinking. Harry interupted my thinking when he put his arm around me. He smiled at me and I smiled back. I wondered where we were going. With any luck it will be ….

Niall: NANDOS!!

Told you. I giggled to myself. Niall turned to me and smiled. God these boys. We got out of the van and went into Nandos. Niall ordered for all of us, and boy did he order alot of food. Oh well. I just know I am very hungry. Amber bit her lip a little bit. She then procedded to stand up.

Amber: Madison & I have to go to the bathroom.
Madison: Yeah!

The girl code. Whenever someone says that you have to go to the bathroom, they have to tell you something. I hope it’s nothing bad.

Amber: So I was thinking. That maybe we should do something, just you and me? Just to get away from these boys.
Madison: Okay but you had to take me to the bathroom to tell me that?
Amber: That and I really have to pee!!

I giggled and she went to the restroom. I then got a text. From Simon. Telling me to change my twitter name? Ohkay. He made me change it to @MadisonFromAmberson and he made Amber change hers to @AmberFromAmberson. What a weird one Simon is. Haha. We went back to the table and told the boys we were going to walk around the shops while they rehearsed.

We got to the town center and went straight to Delia’s to see Charma. We hung out for a while inside the store and she messaged me something. I decided it couldn’t be that important and I waited to check it until we had gotten our ice cream. I looked at it and it said to look at the twitter user @AmbersonStalkers. Well that was a weird name.

I showed the twitter to Amber and we both just laughed. They had taken pictures of the past couple days together. And they also said we were spotted at the town center. How did they even know this. We kept walking around and we stopped at a wig shop and both got ourselves wigs. We looked ridiculous. We were walking around and a few girls stopped us.

Girl 1: Have you seen any girls that look like this here? *shows us a picture of Amberson at Nandos* (we both laughed)
Amber: no we haven’t why? Are you fans?
Girl 2: We love them!!
Madison: Oh my god, we do to!!
Amber: Do yall have twitters? We will tweet you if we find them.
Girl 1: Mine is @AmbersonLover
Girl 2: Mine is @AmbersonLuver
Madison: We will follow you!!
Girl 1: okay bye!!

We both laughed as soon as they were out of earshot. We took off our wigs and went into Barnes N Noble and went to look at books. Amber loved reading, I really liked magazines, but I did read every once and a while. I walked to the magazine rack and my heart started pounding.

Madison: Amber come here for a second.
Amber: Just a sec -
Madison: No NOW!!