CITY: Charlottesville, Virginia

SMELL: Flour, some candy in a color created in a test-tube, the crystal-clear odor of a relieving amount of air-conditioning

PLACE: Sweethaus

THE WAY: Because of my complicated and boring food allergies, I could not eat these cupcakes, but I set out with the intention of purchasing a cupcake for someone else and then photographing the process of said person eating it. Sadly, only one customer arrived during my uber-brief stay at the Sweethaus and as she purchased between four and six-million cupcakes to go, it seemed irrelevant to buy her another one. Instead, I bought a water. It tasted of disappointment, but that was not the Sweethaus’ fault.

PEOPLE: I asked Laurie and Eleanor, the two cupcakers behind the counter, what life decisions had brought them to this store. Laurie informed me that the store was pretty — undeniable — and the cupcakes delicious — hearsay.* Eleanor informed me that the job dovetailed nicely with her collegiate plans, and then she wrote PISTACHIO on a piece of paper in front of the green cupcake samples on the counter, to prevent mint-flavor-confusion.

*confirmed by Yelp

Tour Thomas Jefferson’s ancestral home just outside of Charlottesville, and discover more than just the history of a President. Inventor, thinker, farmer, and oenophile Jefferson left behind an impressive legacy at his mountaintop Monticello, including a revolutionary vegetable garden, a fully operational plantation (including slave quarters) and nearly 5,000 acres of land.
(via Monticello : Daily Escape : Travel Channel)