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Imagine Harry seeing footage of Charlie with a knife to Eggsy's throat in Valentine's hideout- like, not only did Chester King sneer at Eggsy and nominate this dickhole retread Chester 2.0 as a Kingsman candidate, now this guy's threatening Eggsy for real and rubbing it in his face that his family is safe, they're allowed to live while Eggsy doesn't know if his mum got the warning or not. Imagine Eggsy realizing that Charlie probably knew Harry was going to his death when he went to Kentucky.

Harry WOULD FLIP SHIT. He would be so pissed, Merlin would have to spar with him for an hour before he could calm down (I totally HC that they do that all the time so Harry can “blow off steam”). And then he would go find Eggsy and just hold him for ages, kissing his throat where Charlie had pressed the knife, and remind himself that Eggsy is still there, Harry is alive, and his life is better than it ever has been. Eggsy would wait for a while and enjoy the moment before prodding Harry to tell him what happened, and when Harry explains he just kisses him within an inch of his life, stroking the scar at Harry’s temple and they don’t leave their bed for the rest of the day, just reveling in the fact that it’s a fucking miracle either of them is alive.


two things at once - Charlie the Knife review and interview

Charlie the Knife is the solo project of Will McEvilly of CSTVT(formerly Castevet). While this is technically a demo, the four songs are so well recorded and robustly arranged with acoustic and electric guitars, tambourine, backing vocals and some extra catchy synth work, that I would consider this a strong debut worthy of the arbitrary classification of an EP.

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Demo by Charlie the Knife (2013)

Kind of Like: Elliot Smith, CSTVT, Caravela, Tony Clark Genres: Indie, Emo, Post-rock Preview:

So this tumblr has kind of been turning less into a free music site and more into updates about our associated label, Major Bear Records.  I would like to include some more free music promotions for you…

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