Meryl Davis and Charlie White Watchpost

Baby Meryl and baby Charlie in 1998   Baby Meryl and baby Charlie in 1999

2002/03: FD (Chocolat)

2003/04: OD (Pennsylvania 6-5000) FD (Raul di Blasio Medley)

2005/06: FD (Sarabande)

2006/07: CD (Westminster Waltz) (nasty fall here) CD (Golden Waltz) CD (Rhumba) OD (A Los Amigos) FD (Prince Igor)

2007/08: CD (Yankee Polka) CD (Argentine Tango) CD (Austrain Waltz) OD (Kalinka)  FD (Eleanor Rigby) (first version) FD (Eleanor Rigby) (re-vamped version)

2008/09: CD (Viennese Waltz) CD (Paso Doble) CD (Finnstep) OD (Happy Feet) (I love this dance so much despite all Charlie’s stumbles :)) FD (Samson and Dalilah) (and omg, I love Samson! Still rewatch it from time to time) (that was the season I fell in love with M&C; I liked them a lot in 07/08 but after that season’s programs I was theirs)

2009/10: CD (Golden Waltz) CD (Tango Romantica) OD (Bollywood)  FD (POTO) 

2010/11: SD (La Traviata/La Boheme) FD (Tango Selection, first version) FD (Tango Selection, re-vamped version)

2011/12: SD (Batucadas/Life is a Carnival/On the Floor) FD (Die Fledermaus)

2012/13: SD (Giselle) FD (Notre Dame de Paris)

2013/14: SD (My Fair Lady) FD (Sheherazade)



Meryl’s DWTS dances compilation