the signs from a capricorn's pov
  • aries:ur either frightening or annoying af but i actually admire you a lot
  • taurus:ur so sweet i love u
  • gemini:i feel like you sometimes want to be friends, but the feeling is NOT mutual pls get out of my face. ur super smart tho and i hate you more because of it
  • cancer:let me love u. no one will ever love u like i do
  • leo:you could be my worst enemy or my partner in crime. choose wisely
  • virgo:goals af....
  • libra:ok i guess. learn to keep ur eyes on ur own paper tho
  • scorpio:best friend who doubles as bodyguard
  • sagittarius:ur so cute and so full of energy and life but ur also full of way too much of it, chill out ohmygod
  • capricorn:holy crap we're amazing. high five and a big congrats to ur parents for having produced you
  • aquarius:YOU'RE SO ANNOYING AND AGGRAVATING but oddly attractive so i want to punch you and kiss you simultaneously
  • pisces:what?? do?? i?? do?? with?? you?? ur so sweet n loving n kind but also a fragile lil pansy i feel like i could make you cry just by looking at you funny

“I fell- head-over-heels in love with Johnny Depp, which everybody does, he’s so generous, kind, funny and refreshing. And he, like me, loves a really good red wine, so it was like a match made in heaven. It was just so nice to see somebody at that level, having all of this stuff thrown at him, and I never heard him moan once, I never heard him be rude to anybody. He really wants to share the screen with other people. He believes in a company of actors. It was lovely.” - Paul Bettany on Johnny Depp