"Take the nicest ten-year-old from the best home and put him on the streets, and he’s going to learn to steal to survive. Take the best little girl from Sunday school, tell her that her parents left and don’t care, and dump her on the corner, and she will be turning tricks by the end of the week just to eat.

Well, I was that boy. I was that girl. I didn’t want to be this way, no kid does. I wasn’t some demon that sprang from my mother’s womb. Everybody talks role models. What role models did I have? Perverted reform school guards? Great parents? Jesus and the Bible?  It was the Bible that drove my mother out of her home and put her on the streets.

The ‘fathers’ and ‘mothers’ society provided to raise me in the system beat me bloody with whips and straps, fucked me in the ass until I shit blood and couldn’t walk, and taught me to hate.

And everybody’s shocked how I turned out. Wake up! You did this to me and you’re doing it to thousands like me every day.”

— Charles Manson, 1976

  • (Source: Taming the Beast) 

"He [Marilyn Manson] took my name, and he took my words, and he took my voice and ran down the road [with it] – he made himself big and that’s alrit [sic] because everybody has been doing it to me – he’s taken the heat off of me and [they are] blaming him for all of the bad in the world. […]

He will have to pay me what he owes me and if he doesn’t the last guy who did it to me fell off of a boat and drowned in a puddle of water.”

— Charles Manson, 2013

  • (Source: Postcard Translation)