Michigan Man is recreating the Forrest Gump run for charity

It’s moving toward nightfall and Barclay Oudersluys is camped about 100 miles outside Flagstaff, Arizona.

He ran there from California.

“I’m about 400 miles into the run,” said Oudersluys, a 2010 Birmingham Seaholm High School graduate. “So far, so good.”

Oudersluys, 23, is planning to run about 3,200 miles from California’s Santa Monica Yacht Harbor and Pier to the Marshall Point Lighthouse in Maine. He’s a huge fan of the movie, “Forrest Gump,” and is essentially retracing the same route his fictional character ran in the 1994 blockbuster film.

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Christmas Boxes For Cats

Today we will be bringing you ideas for Christmas Boxes For Cats

Anyone who owns a cat know they like to be comfortable, they love to sleep, they love treats and they love catnip. 

So how can we and you if you would like to help do that?

What can you put in a box for a cat/s?

Things you can include are;

Blankets - fleece, or if you can knit or crochet these will be loved too

Beds - Hooded,round,fleece,super soft

Catnip Toys - From the shop or knitted and crocheted all will be loved (If you are planning on making toys please make sure all things such as ears and tails are very, very secure)

Cat Food - Wet cat food and Dry cat food are great, you can even ring the centre of your choice to see if they have a brand they normally use

Cat Treats/Cat Milk - Whether it is Dreamies or Whiskas all cats love treats!

Cat Accessories - Here you can include items such as cat brushes, cat bowls, litter trays, litter scoops, scratch posts and cat tunnels 

Maybe Sponsor a cat with your Christmas Box

You maybe able to get enough items together for one cat that is in a shelter and that will be Amazing!

You can start collecting items now and closer to Christmas visit or ring the centre, you maybe able to sponsor a cat that has been in the Shelter for a long time, or a cat that is finding Shelter life particularly difficult

If you do not have the Funds or the time to do all this?

Then do not worry! We are spread out across the UK and our aim is to help as many animals as possible!

You can Donate from as little as £1 via This Wishlist!

For every £1 Donated charitycrochetandknitsforanimals will make and donate a knitted catnip toy or fish, on top of ones already being made to be donated!


hey i wanna throw a quick shout out to tab for a cause

TfaC is a really cool browser extension that sets new tabs you open to a customizable homepage, which in and of itself is super neat and helpful. HOWEVER the best part is that each tab you earn generates “hearts” which can be converted into money that is donated on behalf of the organization that hosts the extension. charities include human rights watch, water.org, action against hunger, and others

right now they’re running an event where if tumblr tabbers generate more hearts than reddit tabbers, we can donate an extra $1000 to a select charity. i don’t wanna make a big competition out of it but it’s a neat incentive to contribute

it’s on a very small scale, but simply by using the internet with this extension enabled you’ll be able to give assistance to those that really need it! it’s a super interesting project that i really support and that i think others should look into. if you can’t use this please reblog the post to let others know about it

to get the extension click here (you’ll also refer me, which will generate a large amount of hearts for me to donate)


Shelter Canine Seeks Happy Ending: A Campaign to Change the Lives of Shelter and Rescue Pets

See Daphoenodon on Redbubble!

The short and skinny of it is that this started with me trying to adopt a dog and then I thought, why should it be that small? Why not try to earn donations for shelters and rescues, too?

Right now, I need a minimum of $800 to adopt a dog out of a shelter in Houston, TX (about 5 hours from me). The total costs to bring him home, including a pet deposit to the landlord, will be around $600, and the rest of this money will go toward his initial care costs. 

There will be certain items in the shop that solely fund donations to shelters and rescues, items that fund sponsorship for specific animals, and items that fund donations to pet adopters to help them adopt and keep their companions. Some of the items will continue to help fund the care of the dog I’m trying to adopt, and a few of them will help me pay some of my own bills while I continue to seek more stable employment.

If you want to have a positive impact on the lives of shelter pets and help an American 17-year-old out, check out the shop on Redbubble and see if there’s anything you like. If there are certain items you’d like to see, feel free to send me a message. (At the time of posting this, there’s nothing up yet, but keep checking back. I’ll get some things up soon!)

France is making supermarkets donate all of their unsold food.

The Guardian reports that the measure passed the French national assembly in a unanimous vote, with center-right deputy Yves Jégo telling parliament that “There’s an absolute urgency – charities are desperate for food. The most moving part of this law is that it opens us up to others who are suffering.” If they do not donate the food, stores will have one other, eco-friendly option.

osmiumfangirl asked:

I just tried to donate all the money currently in my bank account ($4.87) to the NAHSIbnLtJPOP project/fundraiser thingy but couldn't because you have to donate $5 or above. I thought this was kinda rude of Save the Children, like my money's not good enough just because there's $0.13 less than they want. (clearly this is not a question I just wanted to note it)

First off, thanks for giving the project its official acronym, which I believe is pronounced Nah-see-bnt-Lieutenant-J-Pop.

Secondly, I assume this problem is because STC has to have a minimum donation in order to keep their credit card fees low so they can put as high a percentage of money as possible into programs. I am sorry that you couldn’t donate your $4.87; instead I think you should save it and I will donate $5 on your behalf as thanks for your brilliant acronyming.