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As a lyricist, are you peerless?

“Well, the obvious answer is yes, but as people read these lines they would hate me for saying so, particularly those people who make music and perhaps think they are peerless. But I say it with the maximum concern for the future of pop music and, let’s face it, it doesn’t really have one. Although I will go home tonight and play music very loudly and get very excited, I rarely hear lyrics sung by others which motivate me in any way. Even the people I quite like are quite silly, really, lyrically.” - Morrissey, 1994

Morrissey on how he managed to keep such tight control over the empire he has created: 

‘I only manage it by repeatedly saying “no”. And then the obvious reputation gathers around you that you are a problem, because you are awkward, you are difficult, and you don’t really want to be famous. But I just don’t want to be famous in any way other than that which naturally suits me.’ - Morrissey, 1995

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