"I thought I couldn’t be anything but completely honest. When we began, I thought there was a need to find somebody who was honest to a fault. Nobody had been like that before, because all the popular figures had become like early-70’s rock stars. There was nobody out there putting their heart on the line. There was no-one singing as though they would die if they didn’t. I had to be boringly personal. I’m beyond embarrassment now." - Morrissey, 1984


"I never intentionally make ambiguous that which should be clear. Certainly, my understanding of film is that the story is an element of film, but it’s very much about portraying a reality, a world that exists beyond the screen. I think you would have to agree that our encounters with reality can sometimes be clear and unambiguous, but more often they are confoundingly complex, and the meaning of events that unfold before us can often elude comprehension forever. So, when I make my films, I am not the all-seeing, omniscient God explaining to you in the audience what has happened and why. You should just think of my movies as a string of scenes of pondering what I would do and how I would face these events unfolding before my eyes. The reality that I find incomprehensible and confounding, I present it exactly to you how I encounter it myself. That’s the approach I take to moviemaking." — Kiyoshi Kurosawa