Vantas Character Bio


Carnivorous and lusting,


Grunt of Caedis

2 years



Infected mutt hybrid of some kind
Son of, Erebus & Nyoka
Sibling to, Makara
(Played By Zombeh)


To track you down among the pines,

Vantas has a very tall and lanky frame accompanied by a thin tail. His head is nearly a perfect wedge shape the top gently rounded. Almond shaped eyes are strangely hued with a pale yellow sclera, red iris and crimson pupil. Despite being infected this male has a sleek ashen coat and lighter grey underfur that comes around slightly below the upper arm and thigh. The lighter grey comes up in a wedge to his eyes with three more wedges on his sides and two near the base of his tail. Much like his mother he has a splash of faintly striped red markings along his back. Hind ankles are faintly red striped like is father. Being infected his blood is a colorless shade of pale grey. Vantas also has a messy, black tuft of bangs that moves into mane ending at the base of his neck.


I want you stuffed into my mouth,

Sly and cunning, Vantas isn’t afraid to lash out at others with witty remarks. He’s known for being rather sarcastic to the point it gets him in trouble on multiple occasions. He likes getting his way and if this male has his mind set on something, he’ll go after it. Vantas inwardly is rather self-conscious; though he’s never openly admit it. Feeling his insecurities are a weakness he chooses to mask them and put on a tough facade that’s been building up ever since he was a pup. Refusing to conform to others ideals and standards most see him as rebellious. He doesn’t enjoy following others, but will do so if need be, least not happily. Usually calm and collected he refuses to “let others know they’ve angered him”. Just because he isn’t as hotheaded as most infected, doesn’t mean you won’t get an ear full of sarcasm and retorts.

When he is pushed to the point of snapping however, you best watch out. Vantas doesn’t give up easily and when angered will do whatever it takes to try and make others submit to him. He has this charming air about him, but don’t let that fool you. He enjoys wooing individuals and using them to his advantages, whether it hurts them or not. Despite all of his antics, Vantas dislike being the center of attention. He doesn’t like the pressures that comes with it and prefers lurking on the sidelines. However grumpy and downright sarcastic he comes off as, Vantas has a heart. He gets deeply upset if someone his close with is injured in any form and can be a loyal ally if given the chance.


Hold you down and tear you open,

Vantas was born in the Caedis tribe to Nyoka and Erebus along with his brother Makara. The two are probably one of the first successful births within the tribe. The ashen, lanky male grew up rather normally, for a Caedis pup that is. He was always bothered by his sibling, some of the arguments becoming violent and life threatening. Once his mother passed due to an unknown disease he became rather distant. Vantas was always closest with his father however and looked up to him, even though he’d never admit that. He grew a hard, outer shell to cover his inner worries and cares. Although grumpy and constantly keeping up his ‘tough guy’ front the young male cared for his family. As such the death of Erebus was a great shock to the, at the time, pup. Vantas’s down-spiral started there and since he’s spent most of his time despising the canine that killed his father. It eventually led up to him challenging Bec, but in the end Vantas lost, Vanquisher status stripped. Now as a Grunt and with a new Caedis leader, he seeks out to earn his rank and prove himself.



Don’t Mess with Me - Temposhark

Horror of our Love - Ludo

Push Over - Manafest


Charlie Odette Vincent, is currently 20, was born in Newcastle, England and is currently a waitress. She likes to cuddle with men. People tell her she looks like Dianna Agron.


-hates her accent

-wishes she could wear sweaters all the time.

Personality traits;

  • +: nice, friendly
  • -: quiet, insecure


Charlie has been the girl that was always told that she was never good enough, which always brought her self confidence down. While she has never really had a guy that has made her love herself, she was a girl known for sleeping around and for the things that she was willing to do for a guy.

Character Entry Submission

Username: roseyspiritmoon

+Character Information:

-Name (Full): Stelarium Lirykin

-Nick-Name: Stella

-Species: Timber wolf (Canis Lupus)

-Gender Female

-Position seeking: Knight

-Description/Role play sample:

Her dark auburn pelt shifted uneasily as her golden eyes switched from one shadowed area to another. Her muzzle wrinkled as her lupine lips peeled back in a deep rumbling snarl. Her pink gums glistened with saliva, holding glistening, sharp pearly fangs. Each individual hair on her body rose as she lowered her head in a defensive position. Her claws dug into the dirt, ready to lunge at any movement. Her tail swished angrily behind her hind legs; ready for an enemy to strike. She was not ignorant  the number one rule of fighting; Never strike first. Reaction is always faster than action. Her throat vibrated as another defensive snarl ripped through her clenched jaws.

+OOC Information:

-Main Activity Hours: 3-10 PM ECT 

-Location: USA, MO (For time-zone reference)

-Total time role playing: 5 Years, 4 Months, 30 days (As of April 30th 2013) [D: Im such a loser…]

-Location: USA, MO (For time-zone reference)

-Positive personality attributes: Loyal, brave, ready to fight, enjoys gory situations, role plays by all of your rules already, (seriously 0-0 I thought everyone did until I came to feralheart) Doesnt bring OOC conflict into IC, respects all other role players, even if they are difficult to work with and a fluid personality (So I tend to get along with more people than not.)

-Negative personality attributes: Tends to be a Martyr, has a heavy amount of pity for innocent people, will fight for her views (But not IC), stubborn, hates illiterates (Spell-check was created for a reason! AND SCHOOL), a bit forgetful, a little mouthy around peers and people below her, is a little immature at times, makes mistakes in typing but often corrects them with (* ) and is a (trying) perfectionist.

Accepted, seeing as you want to be a knight I’m assuming you’d like to join Fidelis. Add FT K to the end of your name and send a group request ingame. I’mm pm you the map information.


quinn fabray ✖ sixteen years old ✖ sophomore ✖ taken


  • head cheerio, president of the celibacy club, and overall, self-appointed queen of wmhs, along with her best friends santana and brittany
  • dating finn hudson, despite the fact that his stupidity drives her insane sometimes. she puts up with it - it’s just another sacrifice she has to make to retain her status at this school
  • recently slept with finn’s best friend puck and is planning on dragging the secret to the grave - even though that might not be possible once she figures out she’s knocked up
  • though she’s happy to put anyone in their rightful place at this school, she’s particularly hateful toward rachel berry, especially now that she’s drooling over her boyfriend