Characters - The Simpsons (based on my observations, not on the birthdays that were chosen for them)

In-depth version

Homer -  Aries Sun / Taurus Moon: Homer is impulsive and an act now, think later kind of guy. He can be inconsiderate and hot-tempered but is always trying his best. Despite Home being rather lazy he is a really passionate person and when he wants to prove something he puts in a lot of effort. He loves comfort, food and isn’t the best at sharing. His family comes first above all else and loves his friends.

Marge - Libra Sun / Cancer Moon: Marge is diplomatic, agreeable and peace-loving. She tries her best to make sure everyone is happy and to get along with everyone. She is hurt when Homer makes scenes in public as she is concerned with giving a good impression - however she does know how to stand up for herself. She is very maternal. For example, she cooks dinner for her family each night and they all eat together. She is emotionally understanding.

Bart - Sagittarius Sun / Aquarius Moon: Bart constantly seeks excitement. He is blunt and at times pretty bossy. He is constantly rebellious and loves pranking people! Despite this, he is pretty open-minded and optimistic  and caring for the most part. He is very energetic.

Lisa - Virgo Sun / Aquarius Moon: Lisa is pretty much an anal-retentive know it all. She is very intelligent and works very hard. She pays a lot of attention to detail and is concerned with making the world a better place. She is artistic and talented. Sometimes, she gets a little down because she feels like she doesn’t fit in. She is kind-hearted and open-minded.

Maggie - Scorpio: Maggie is quiet and mysterious, she is rarely shown talking but is still shown to be extremely clever. She keeps her talents hidden and uses them when she needs them. She can be violent but is loyal to her family and is very observant of her surroundings.

anonymous asked:

I've submitted two asks before this, so if more is against the rules feel free to not answer this one! But I'm slightly concerned about the premise of my novel, which is that the main character reincarnates through time. In her first life she's an Amorite, and at various points she's an Anglo-Saxon, an Ethiopian woman, a Heian-era noble, an Israeli Jew, a Japanese-American, etc. It's pretty central to the story's premise, but I'm worried that it amounts to erasure. Thoughts?

Reincarnation into Different Races

This sounds a lot like David Mitchell’s stuff (Cloud Atlas, The Bone Clocks). I don’t think it quite amounts to erasure, personally, but a) others may feel differently and b) if you did this, you’d have to do your research and be respectful…

—mod Jess

I don’t think erasure is the problem you’ll be fighting against; I think it’s more like making sure it doesn’t feel like the character is cosplaying her personas instead of actually living them. Like when she wakes up as a modern day Japanese American, will she still carry the memories of what life as an Israeli Jew felt like? Will she be able to let go of what used to be her Jewishness? etc

—mod Shira