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saw a post about movie/book plots that literally said "no female character should ever have to die just to give motivation to a male character" and its just made me kinda baffled. I took it to mean 'mans backstory is his characterless wife was murdered and thus revenge, go', but i followed the post and there was this huge argument about how its NEVER ok for a woman to die. EVER. even a main female character who is amazingly written in every way. nope. women cant die u guys.

FFS. Death is inevitable. I am pretty sure the number of people who have “escaped death” are limited to gods and their chosen ones in mythologies (ie, not everyone). 

A female character dying is ok. That being a motivator for a male character is ok. If you don’t like a female character dying, then head canon it not happening through some weird way (which is exactly what I have done for a recent movie, lol), just be respectful about it. 

-Roma One


Fandom frequently classifies Clara in s7 as flawless, characterless, or simply a generic Adorably Spunky Girl. I disagree with this description, and believe the problem lies with the observers rather than the text as given.

Exhibit A: The final gif is a moment that frequently appears in collections of funny Clara lines.

In context, the TARDIS has just explained that if she helps Clara, it will die, to which Clara responds: I don’t care.

Fandom classifies this as ‘cute’.

when will boys in my creative writing class stop writing cliche poems about nameless descriptionless characterless girl objects

The New Age: IN Artist Takeover at MOA

It’s no secret the beauty industry has long been focused on anti-aging. Photoshopping renders people ageless and procedures can render them characterless or expressionless.

But still, despite the barrage of anti-age surrounding women from birth to beyond, women report feeling their most beautiful in their 30s and 40s. People in their 70s say they are the happiest.

Time changes us, that’s a fact. But does it have to make us worse? Better yet, can we love ourselves and still want to fight a wrinkle?

As a company, we want to start a fresh dialogue on the more complex reality of how women and men view their own beauty, aspirations, self-concept and vanity over time.

Welcome to the New Age

As part of this new conversation, AND with the release of our two new well-aging products – Revitalizing Moisture Creme and Detoxifying Glycolic Gel – we wanted to invite an artist into our Mall of America store to present a fresh expression of age through art.

For this project, Minneapolis artist Emily Donovan created a work titled “Continuum,” in which she explores age and time through the complex layers and materials used in her abstract paintings. Our favorite part of her work? She makes her own non-toxic, completely natural dyes, each coming from a different plant, tree or vegetable. We couldn’t think of a better project to help us launch our new plant-based, well-aging products.

Stay tuned for an awesome Q+A with our IN Takeover artist Emily Donovan. She explains how she sources her natural dyes (with pics of the process!) and her inspiration for this project. For now, enjoy the pictures of her fantastic work and stop by our MOA store to check the paintings out in person.


“character is the deviation from perfection; perfection is characterless.”  

Delving deeper into characters

I’ve been sitting here for some time, and I have reached a strange conclusion.

The character I started out with may not be right for the adventure.

Why am I sitting here and telling you this?

Well, basically, I thought it was an interesting part of information about writing I never heard before.

I gave this character a name and background, then started to do little interviews with him.

Not that this character is a flesh and blood person, but through his background, he felt like he might as well be. So ‘he’ answered the questions and told me who he was and what he would do.

It revealed to me that he was more interested in other things and I would need to keep him for another adventure.

So now, characterless, I have to start anew.

And it sounds kind of tedious when I say it that way, so allow me to rephrase.

I have the privilege of getting to know another person in the world I’ve created.

This may not be the last person I get to know in there, and some of them might end up being villains.

But that is the beauty of it.

The more people I get to know, the more alive this universe feels to me. And eventually to my readers.

I’ve lived in this world for some time now, and I can tell you that its name is Kordamar.

It seems strange perhaps to say that, but it actually does feel like a real place to me now.

I 'walk’ through the world, 'visit’ towns and 'talk to’ the people there.

They tell me their stories and they tell me their concerns about recent events.

I know I will find the focal character for this story, but this one book I had planned is rappidly screaming for more than one.

I will leave you now, to go into your realm and talk to your people so that you may find your own story.

But I hope that like me, you may feel wonderment for everything you discover along the way.

Until my fingers hit the keys again,

I hope you -whoever you are- stay safe and have a great dream.

Philippe x

Why not?” she said, “and take note of what I am about to say to you. Never feel secure with the woman you love, for there are more dangers in woman’s nature than you imagine. Women are neither as good as their admirers and defenders maintain, nor as bad as their enemies make them out to be. Woman’s character is characterlessness. The best woman will momentarily go down into the mire, and the worst unexpectedly rises to deeds of greatness and goodness and puts to shame those that despise her. No woman is so good or so bad, but that at any moment she is capable of the most diabolical as well as of the most divine, of the filthiest as well as of the purest, thoughts, emotions, and actions. In spite of all the advances of civilization, woman has remained as she came out of the hand of nature. She has the nature of a savage, who is faithful or faithless, magnanimous or cruel, according to the impulse that dominates at the moment. Throughout history it has always been a serious deep culture which has produced moral character. Man even when he is selfish or evil always follows principles, woman never follows anything but impulses. Don’t ever forget that, and never feel secure with the woman you love.
—  Venus in Furs
Giving up on Windows Phone

Balls to it. I’ve used Windows Phone for many a year, I don’t think it’s ever been ‘better’ than the iPhone, but it was different, it didn’t blindly follow the rest.

It’s the Windows Phone 10 Technical Preview that was the final nail in the coffin for me, not because it was infested with bugs and problems, it was, but it shows the direction MS is heading in, and it’s a pretty unappealing direction. 

It feels like Android, characterless, bland, lacking in ambition. It lacks a point to exist, it excels at nothing.

So back to BlackBerry for me, I’ve ordered a BB Classic, I’ll let you know how it all works out.

* Hey M-Unit, why not just get an iPhone?

It’s a good question,and the answer is this…

I like to try new things, the alternatives to the mainstream.


I like to use the best stuff where possible. I use a Mac because it’s the best desktop computer for my needs. I won’t buy an Apple product purely because it’s made by Apple, I’ll buy it because it’s the best of it’s class, the Mac meets this criteria, the Apple TV also does, the iPad does, but I don’t believe the iPhone meets it. Remember I’m talking about my needs, I don’t give a shit about yours. I don’t want a shitton of apps, I want a phone to get the job done as quickly and as frictionless as possible.

Also, the iPhone 6 is $1000 AUD, that’s a lot of money that could be more responsibly spent on alcohol.


She can be anything she wants to be besides characterless, and mediocre. #KimmyDollX3 👸 #WCE #WomanCrushWednesday #WifeyCrushWednesday #WCW 🎶 @NickiMinaj -@Beyonce ~ #FeelingMySelf 🎶 #fashion #stylish #sexywomen #cute #PuertoRicanWomen🇵🇷 #flawless #beauty #badchick #beautiful #instagood #instafashion #pretty #girly #eyes #model #styles #outfit (at Brooklyn, New York)

Writing Prompt: A brief autobiography told with four items from your wallet

(A/N: I prefer creative non-fiction to get the ball rolling, especially now that it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything. Plus, I’m doing this with friends! The writing prompt is from the Tumblr account A Writing Prompt A Day. Check their blog out for awesome prompts.) The Characterless Wallet and Its Magical Contents For…

Writing Prompt: A brief autobiography told with four items from your wallet was originally published on Zombies Ate Your Brains

It seems the city is trying to develop this area, and logically so since it has a lot of potential as a ‘missing link’ between the DTES and Hastings-Sunrise. So why couldn’t Canada Post come up with a nicer design for this facility? I can’t find a picture of it online but it’s a characterless depot that takes up a whole block and would look more at home on Annacis Island than an up and coming residential area. via /r/vancouver

Hollow holes of infinity
lacking dimensions,
invisible to the naked eye
yet allusions leak visions
in sweet nothingness,
bottomless sugar bowls.

Any distance beyond zero,
it’s proportioned to torment
or tantalize, pointless,
no borders or boundaries ,
no parameters, no air,
no last resistance or stops.

Abandonment is impossible.
Characterless cavities
deprived, deserted, 
destitute ditches,
empty into escape clauses.
Voids live with us
and where we are not.

-By L.G. (at Days Inn Days Inn Cocoa Expo)

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r-" the whole theme of the song is "you should give it to me because I'm worth it" which gives the man all the power in the relationship">i see it a way that women are nearly prohibited to talk(in some part of world even today) or deem as "characterless" when they talk about sex and their needs so its just them being open and blowing off that ideology, and not being afraid to show their sexual demands..

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r-"i see it a way that women are nearly prohibited to talk(in some part of world even today) or deem as "characterless" when they talk about sex and their needs so its just them being open and blowing off that ideology, and not being afraid to show their sexual demands"-yeah its like them trying to break barriers of modesty that society have set up for girls