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happy birthday darling, sorry its late, anyways hope your day was wonderful just like you! xoxo

thank you seriously you are my favourite person right now and i just seriously you’re the best sorry i couldn’t pick one gif

i’m posting it publicly because i’m broadcasting that someone cares about me also you are amazing and actually messaged me and made my day even better so thank you xx

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Merthur! like Merlin/Arthur haha

Okay, I’ve only ever see one episode of Merlin, but I’ve only ever seen stuff about them on tumblr, so i’m sure if I was in the fandom I’d ship them but otherwise send me a ship and i’ll rate your blog like:

ship: meh | okay | good | flawless | omg i can’t | OTP l i will ship them in hell

blog: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

you: i don’t know you | let’s be friends |

we should talk more(even though we’re messaging now but we should talk more anyway) | i love you | can you BE any more perfect

send me a ship and i’ll rate

top 20 characters that give krad the feels → 02 → Walon Vau

[ sources: x x x x x x x x x ]

Walon Vau: You have to know the limits of your physical and mental endurance, so you can recognize them and pass beyond them. This is why I will push you beyond any suffering you can imagine. You will not give up and die like lesser men; you will not crack up like lesser men; you will not lose heart in the direst circumstances like lesser men. And you will be the last men standing when the weaklings have opted to do the easy thing and die.


top 20 characters that give krad the feels → 16 → Misato Katsuragi

[ sources: x x x x x x o o x ]

Misato Katsuragi: You hate yourself, don’t you? That’s why you hurt others. Deep down you know you suffer more when you cause someone else pain… than if you just let yourself get hurt. But Shinji, that was your decision, so it makes it a valid choice. That’s what you wanted. So, that makes it worthwhile. Stop lying to yourself and realize that you *do* have options. Then… accept the choices you’ve made. 

Shinji Ikari: But you’re not me! You don’t know what I have to go through! You don’t understand! 

Misato Katsuragi: [enraged] So fucking what if I’m not you! That doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to give up! If you do, I’ll *never* forgive you as long as I live!